lundi 19 août 2013

That's "Robert Pattinson's style"....! according of "A suit that fits"...!


a pretty cool post.... loving it...

from A Suit That Fits ...
For admirers (such as yours truly) of Robert Pattinson's style, this weekend was an exciting one. Not only did Christian Dior release more super stylish pictures from its upcoming Dior Homme campaign featuring Pattinson, Robert appeared once more in Los Angeles on the set of David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars in the same black suit he was photographed in a few weeks ago. One minute looking relaxed with a beaming smile, the next brooding in black shades, Pattinson at one point removed his jacket to reveal a perfectly fitted white shirt. The pictures may not reveal a lot about Pattinson's next movie, but they prove one thing: every man should own a custom black suit!

 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-08-20agrave143453.png

The newly released Dior pictures, shot by Nan Goldin, place Pattinson in a variety of interesting scenes: in one, he's wearing a sharp black suit and is perched on the roof of a ramshackle seaside lodge hotel; in another, he's wearing a plush autumn jacket and appears in front of a background of New York skyscrapers. If you're not completely satisfied with the pictures, Dior has even released a campaign teaser video online. And if that still doesn't satisfy your lust for style, re-watch Cosmopolis and marvel at the grandeur of Pattinson wearing Gucci.
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source: Spunk Ransom

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