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[PRESS SCAN] Gala (Germany)


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Actor Robert Pattinson on scents and the game of men and women
Recently snapshots surfaced of Robert Pattinson making out with beautiful model Camille Rowe. In some she´s fused to his lips while he cradles her head, in other her naked legs lean against the bathtub he´s sitting in. Ok, those scenes are taken from the new “Dior Homme” campaign, but you realize: those two get along well [it´s actually a German wordplay with smell meaning they get along well]. We spoke to the new Mr. Dior about women, his penchant for arguing and being a man.

Q: Now you´re not only an actor, but also a model. How do you feel at this point in your life?A: Well, I´m 27 and for the first time in my life I don´t feel like a child anymore and like others don´t treat me as one. It´s strange, feeling like an adult. People treat me differently. For many people my age, the last ten years were like a transition of sorts and some are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their life. At least that´s what I do!
Q: What exactly do you mean?A: Right now I´m trying to write a script, together with a friend of mine. I love to compare notes with others, to pore over a script. And I love arguing! [Maria: Rob you and I need to talk - or argue whatever - I'm up for it] 
Q: Lately you often mentioned how you appreciate people who live by their own rules. Is that something you´d want for yourself?A: Definetly! Being successful makes you wary… you spend a lot of time guarding your private life. Whenever I meet people who don´t give a shit about what others think of them, I´m instantly fascinated. [Maria: See Rob you and I could be besties - arguing and I really don't care what people think of me] 
Q: So you love freedom…A: Yes. The more established I am, the more it restricts my privacy. And the quicker people are to judge me. They mistake you for the role you´re playing, the character they want to identify themselves with. When I shot “The Rover” in Australia I didn´t have any teeth, I was constantly dirty but I didn´t care. I was running around without a shirt all the time and did things I never get to do. [Maria: Nobody cares how you looked in Australia Rob - we are a peaceful nation lol] 
Q: What does masculinity mean to you?A: The well-trodden image of manliness has changed a lot in recent years and doesn´t really work anymore. These are strange times to be a man… I used to have a very pragmatic approach, but masculinity today means so many different things. Especially in the world of arts men have to be everything at once: neat and wild, a provider and a player! 
Q: Do men have a different idea of women today as well?A: I just don´t get why so many guys feel threatened by strong women. I always felt at ease with women around, I grew up with two older sisters and a very dominant mother. 

source: Verena via RPL
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