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Robert Pattinson & Daniel Radcliffe: Megastars with humility

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While Robert Pattinson, the Twilight actor and Kristen Stewart’s supposed boyfriend, is already known for his modesty, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has also come out in the air citing that he has always tried to stay grounded.

Daniel Radcliffe stands on the threshold of his 20s and despite being so young, he is already known in most parts of the planet. Right from a 5 year old kid to a 60 year wiser, he has displayed his phenomenal acting skills in his captivating wizardry films of the Harry Potter series.

Not only has he been spawning headlines for the last 10 years, he is also critically acclaimed and a super rich actor. But for someone whose name is chanted by millions of women, Daniel is a humble person who refrains from the lavish ramblings of people like the ostentatious Paris Hilton.

Daniel doesn’t consider himself a celebrity and tries to keep his feet on the ground. “I’ve never considered myself a celebrity. Usually, people who do feel that way aren’t very nice,” he cites.

Similarly, actor Robert Pattinson, too, despite having a tsunami like following goes about his business in a very modest manner. Down-to-earth and witty, he has hardly (or perhaps never) shown the airs of being a mega star.

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Robert Pattinson takes 6 months to write a song...

hummm... ça vaut ce que ça vaut... :roll:
I want so desperately want to hear some new compositions, I can believe anything when it is about Rob + Music ... :heart:...


Before Twilight came along, Robert Pattinson was an aspiring musician -- but he admits it takes him forever to write music.

He said: “I write a song every six months. I never write a diary. I think that’s why it takes me so long. You have to summarize your personality changing.”

The actor, who plays piano and guitar as well as singing, performed two tracks included on the first Twilight soundtrack, although both were written by other people.

They were reportedly included by the film’s director Catherine Hardwicke, initially without the British hunk’s knowledge.

Robert has previously said he sees music as his “back-up plan” if being a film star fails, and that he believes he will be famous when he’s dead.

He said: “I am sure I'll be one of those artists that people don't pay any attention to while I'm alive, and when I am dead people will go yeah, man, that was a work of art.”

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Twilight's cover... version Halloween...

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Trick or Treat..??!

Happy Halloween...! Photobucket


Edward And Bella Pumpkin... Photobucket

On Oct 27,2010 Ellen posted a picture on her twitter account.
The pic had the caption ,’ I guess this pumpkin is Team Edward’.

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ROME Rob....

a new vid... found on Pattinson World...

because it is ... Rome Rob... ... and that's it... full stop... no matter what...!Photobucket

 Rome 2008 - festival du film

Remember Me - "9 Crimes" by eatmySOULproductions

Because I love Remember Me...
and of course, Tyler ... (and Damien Rice...)
and because that girl, eatmySOULproductions , is really really talented...!!

See Rob/ward Everywhere… (Image)

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Fixate on the photo below for at least 30 seconds....


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Rob in Baton Rouge With Director, Peter Berg - For Taft School

New vid.. like a surprise, for Taft School...
he gave them a day off... ^_^

Mr. Cobb. A vampire?….Well that explains why he doesn’t age. And if Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson of the Twilight series) says so, it must be true. Mike, a three-sport varsity captain, and Neve, who does it all—they can’t be human. So Pattinson and Peter Berg ’80 decide it’s time to shut Taft down.

No one thought Headmaster Willy MacMullen could top last year’s Headmaster Holiday announcement. But director/producer Peter Berg came through yet again, filming a video message with Pattinson in a Baton Rouge cemetery.

Berg recapped his theme of unfairness from last year (headholiday09), reminding students that he didn’t have what they have at Taft now. “You guys are continuing to dominate, “ he says to the camera, “and I’m going to deal with it.”

The tradition of a Headmaster Holiday goes back more than a century, to the election of William Howard Taft, whose son was then a student. Knowing Taft’s son would want to attend the inauguration, Horace Taft declared the first Headmaster Holiday--allowing both Horace and his nephew to attend the ceremony.

"I love this tradition,” said MacMullen. “Every student and teacher needed a break from our labors, but the seniors needed it the most, and it is a really great class. Needless to say, when the film was shown, it was deafening! Peter Berg has directed another blockbuster hit! I thought we were going to have to call in the medics--several of the girls looked as if they were about to have a heart attack!"

Of course the stakes have been raised now. "To top this year's video, I have a few requirements for the announcement of the headmaster's holiday for my senior year," middler Cassie Willson emailed the headmaster shortly after. "I'm going to need Paul McCartney in person in Bingham, and he will announce the day off and then pull me on stage to perform an impromptu concert for the school. You can make that happen, right?"

The Volunteer Council took advantage of the opportunity to remind students of the Red Cross blood drive today, with the posting “Edward Cullen wants your blood!”
ok, even with those explanations, I'm still a bit confused about that Taft School and so on... lol...
but... wel, doesn't really matter, does it... Rob's back... Photobucket

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French Release Date for ''Bel Ami''

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Kristen & Catherine...

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Daniel Radcliffe FOX The Simpsons

Clip & Interview...

Daniel is talking about Edmund, the vampire in the Simpson...
It's going to be fun, especially, when you know Daniel & Robert are kinda rivals (if you're listening to the media, of course...rof...) ... LOL...

vid found Le songe d'une nuit d'été...

Rob signing autographs at the Eclipse LA Premiere

New pic...


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Star Hit Mag- Russia Scans and Translation

Rob's interview...
Scans and translations....



Robert Pattinson
The legend of an attainaible love
Introduction: The third installment of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, was a success.
Edward loves with passion, but without sex, and this fact increases feelings. And women fell in love too with a love so close and so far
Robert Pattinson doesn’t seem to understand completely reasons for this success. So many women want to see him only this way, as a romantic vampire.
He earned a lot of money ($17.000.000, according to Forbes) with this character and Summit earned a lot of money too.

How is Edward, what interest you most in that character?
Edward thinks he doesn’t deserve to live at all, he would like to stop to be antisocial and do something in life. He is not an anti-hero, he is a super hero but he doesn’t admit it. He is happy to have powers, but in a hundred years he had never done anything for other people. Edward would like to be a person like any other, and hates himself because he is a freak.

How you were as a student
I was a boring guy, an average guy.

You wrote and sung a song in the twilight soundtrack. How did it happened?
I played that music once in my house in London with two friend of mine. After 6 months I ve listened again to that music and I wrote lyrics… but this is a long story that it ended in the Twilight soundtrack.

So, acting is your profession and music is something for your self?
You can’t be an actor for yourself only

Do you worry about people could say about your music? What hurts you more? critics about your music or your acting?
As an actor you have to live with criticism. I want to know what people think about my music but they can be influenced by bad criticism, but, in the end this is not very important because I think I’ll never sell my music.

You have a scene in the movie that you love most?
Bella feels guilty after she kissed Jacob. Edward is understanding. It is a beautiful moment. Maybe is the only scene in which I would say he is a good guy, not anyone is capable of that. In the prevoius movies he always took decisions for him and for Bella and for the first time he leaves her a choice, because he wants desperately to be with her, so he waits for her. He has only to wait for her coming back

You are the romantic vampire, your enemy is a wolf with abdominals. A strange contrast.
It’s funny to think that I should have abdominals too, if you refer on books. But I’ve not ever presented myself at the trainings.

Would you ever fight for a woman?
Surely yes, but not for love, maybe for pride

Edward thinks as a man of a hundred years ago. You agree with him about premarital sex? what moral do you follow for yourself, the present one or 1900′s?
The present one

So you agree with sex before marriage?
I think everyone does it (laughs). It had always been this way, and people who doesn’t admit it are hypocrite. They have to show themselves as virgins because you have to say it

You said that this movie (Eclipse) is sexy despite sex. What is sexy for you?.
The waiting. The moment you fear that the other doesn’t want you, and you don’t know if there will be something more. fear enhances desire.

How do you feel to work with Kristen again?
It is much easier and much difficult at the same time.Kristen is such a serious actress and she pushes me to act as my best. She has a faster mind, I have to think more than her. She loves to tell her opinion on my work and sometimes she makes me angry.

Does she oblige you to repeat scenes to act them in a better way?
Oh yes, she goes straight to the director saying “Let’s do it again”. Hopefully it doesn’t happen so often.

And If you ask her the same thing ?
She would kill me.

You are working a lot now, have you still time to see soccer?
I put a vcr on when I can. If it should be possible I would have turn on the tv behind you

What is for you your ideal day?
My ideal day is here at Los Angeles, take a car and go to mountains, see nature, I don’t need anything more.

You don’t seem to appreciate all this attention around you. Do you fear negativity?
I fear unexpected events. I make interviews only if are about movies and I have not an irregular life at all. So anything you read about me are inventions. you have to be always prepared to unexpected events

So in life there are more bad things than good things?
Yes, but who cares about bad things? Everyone wants to know only bad things about you.

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translation: RobertPattinsonMoms