dimanche 31 août 2014

mercredi 27 août 2014

*NEW BEHIND THE SCENE PICS* of Robert Pattinson... in "Life"....

aka Dennis Stock...

One of the photographers for LIFE ( Anne Marie Fox) shared some pics for the film on her website. Some of them included Rob, as well as Director Anton Corbijn and screenwriter, Luke Davies.
These were taken during filming in Los Angeles at the Chateau Marmont.

from Anne Marie Fox

 photo RobertPattinsonLife1-2.png

 photo RobertPattinsonLife3-2.png

 photo RobertPattinsonLife2-2.png

source: life-filmblog.com via ROBsessed

mardi 26 août 2014

Beautiful *GIFS* of Robert Pattinson aka Rey... from "The Rover"....


from Tumblr: feistyangel34
 photo 1-2.gif

 photo 2-2.gif

 photo 3-2.gif

 photo 4-2.gif

 photo 5-2.gif

 photo 6-2.gif

from Tumblr: feistyangel34

 photo tumblr_nax879QoSU1qkbr8xo1_r1_400.gif

from Tumblr: skateranya
The Rover - Robert Pattinson as “Rey

 photo tumblr_naxfpz4yDA1qbfy4fo10_r1_250.gif  photo tumblr_naxfpz4yDA1qbfy4fo8_r1_250.gif
 photo tumblr_naxfpz4yDA1qbfy4fo9_r1_250.gif  photo tumblr_naxfpz4yDA1qbfy4fo7_r1_250.gif
 photo tumblr_naxfpz4yDA1qbfy4fo2_250.gif  photo tumblr_naxfpz4yDA1qbfy4fo4_250.gif

*CE SOIR* "Harry Potter et la Coupe de Feu".... avec Robert Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory....

sur TF1, ce soir à 20h55...
Argh, Cedric  photo heartbeat-1.gif ...

 photo CedricDiggory1x600.jpg

au cas où... la bande annonce...
(en VF....)

*DIGITAL DOWNLOAD* now available for "The Rover"... from the US iTunes...

withe Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce....

 photo TheRoverDLitunes.png

So, you can now DOWNLOAD the movie right here: only on iTunes (us store) not available for ex. in French store

 photo Capturedrsquoe3010cran2014-08-26a3000122249.png

Of course, if you prefer (which is my case), you'll be able to get it either in Dvd or Blu ray.... you'll just have to wait a bit more....   photo icon_wink-1.gif

and you'll have to go HERE to pre order your copy from Amazon (uk store)
no date available yet...

 photo Capturedrsquoe3010cran2014-08-26a3000123026.png

or HERE to pre order your copy from Fnac.com (French store)
available on the 13th Oct. 2014...

 photo Capturedrsquoe3010cran2014-08-26a3000122813.png

source: @Verenajj