mardi 26 août 2014

*DIGITAL DOWNLOAD* now available for "The Rover"... from the US iTunes...

withe Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce....

 photo TheRoverDLitunes.png

So, you can now DOWNLOAD the movie right here: only on iTunes (us store) not available for ex. in French store

 photo Capturedrsquoe3010cran2014-08-26a3000122249.png

Of course, if you prefer (which is my case), you'll be able to get it either in Dvd or Blu ray.... you'll just have to wait a bit more....   photo icon_wink-1.gif

and you'll have to go HERE to pre order your copy from Amazon (uk store)
no date available yet...

 photo Capturedrsquoe3010cran2014-08-26a3000123026.png

or HERE to pre order your copy from (French store)
available on the 13th Oct. 2014...

 photo Capturedrsquoe3010cran2014-08-26a3000122813.png

source: @Verenajj

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