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Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon on ET...







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Water for Elephants : la bande-annonce 2 avec Robert Pattinson et Reese Witherspoon


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Stephanie Meyer... with USA Today...

... about Robert Pattinson, Edward & Bella, and the Cullens:

• On the illustrated guide: "My favorite part is the vampire histories. There's a lot there that's new. Alice's (Cullen) back story is one no one has known until now. And I think fans will be surprised at how much fun (Cullen nemesis) Victoria's story is."

• On whether she'll ever write more books about Edward and Bella: "The story's already been told, and I doubt I'll ever write another series based on the same characters."

• On the possibility she'd ever finish Midnight Sun, a Twilight novel told from Edward's viewpoint that she nixed when parts of it were leaked online in 2008: "I'm hoping to do it someday because I know that's what people want. No matter what book I put out from here to eternity they'll want Midnight Sun, but I'm just not writing about vampires right now."

• The much-anticipated wedding of Edward and Bella has not been filmed yet, but Stewart is being fitted for the as-yet-unrevealed bridal gown. "It's such an interesting mix," says Meyer. "It has a vintage feel, but at the same time, there's an edge to it. It's really beautiful. And then on Kristen — oh, she looks amazing in clothes —and in that dress she's so lithe and unbelievable."

• On working with Pattinson and Lautner: "Rob is more like Jacob than Edward. He's goofy, he's funny, he doesn't take much seriously. But he can turn Edward on like that (she snaps her fingers) when he needs to be Edward. Taylor's who we hang out with most. He's a lot like fun, happy Jacob."

• On the filming of the birth of Bella and Edward's baby, Renesmee, which in the novel is frightening and horrific, she says, "I've only seen a rough cut and there are pieces missing, but I don't feel like it's graphic. You're not seeing it, but you know what's happened. It's emotional. It doesn't feel horror-ish. There's blood, probably the most blood we've ever seen in the series. But everything's in flux; we'll see in the final cut."

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Ooh my...the only thing I can think about... is Midnight Sun... I'm so much waiting  for that sequel...! that's almost isane... lol... Hope she'll finish it... soon...!

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Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson on Entertainment Tonight...

and BTS of "Water for Elephants"...

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Gary Johnson Tai's traineralks...

About Tai's relationship with Robert Pattinson (among other things...

Original interview is in German and can be viewed here...

Translation, by Robsteners...
Can you explain to us what your company “Have Trunk Will Travel” does exactly?

Gary Johnson: We have six elephants, five females and one breeding bull. Four babies were born with us and that’s very rare. That’s a huge achievement, because asian elephants are an endangered species. All over the world there are only about 35,000 of them left. We have eight full-time co-workers that take care of the elephants. Tai, an female, asian elephant is Rosie in “Water for Elephants”. All our elephants, apart from the bull, have played in lots of movies, ads and TV shows before. For Tai, movie sets and directors are nothing new. We’ve had her for 35 years now and because of the experience she has by now working with her is really pleasant.

Do you and Tai have to work hard in this movie?

Johnson:  Especially in this movie we’ve worked a lot. It was very exciting as well though. I loved everyone who worked on this movie. People were realy respectful and always friendly. The director Francis Lawrence was a real gentleman and did a great job in my opinion. He drove to our ranch in California a dozen times to watch the training and to spend time with Tai. That’s how he knew how to shoot the scenes with her later on.

How much time did Reese Witherspoon with Tai? The relationship between Marlena and Rosie is very important for the story right?

Johnson: Reese Witherspoon visited the ranch often to train with Tai, because she has some really physical scenes with her. She had to climb onto Tai, just how it is known from circuses when the girl sits on top of the elephant. Tai lay on her side and when she got up Reese had to learn to stand on her trunk. They had to train a few different options to climb on top then. In one scene Tai stands on her back legs and Reese directly beneath her. In another scene Tai does a headstand and Reese dances beneath her at the same time. That’s really complicated and we had to train those scenes with a choreographer. The timing had to be right. In another scene Reese stands on top of the elephant. Another time Tai sits on a base and stands on her back legs and Reese then climbs onto her back. They had to train that scene a very long time. Tai does things like that regularly and it’s part of her routine. She practices daily and a lot.

How difficult was that for Reese?

Johnson: She was extraordinary and told us she did gymnastics as a child. She grew up with animals and has always felt comfortable with them. All three main actors, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz were very impressive. We’re very lucky that we were able to work with them. They’re just incredible.

What are the most exciting scenes with Tai and Reese the audience will get to see?
I think my favourite scene is the last one in which Reese stands on Tai. That’s a very dramatic moment. Although she does a few different routines, this might be the most spectacular one. At one point she lies on Tai’s back and Tai dances with her all through the arena. That scene is very impressive as well. In another very funny scene Christoph Waltz (August) and Reese dance on a podest and Tai gets so jealous, she tips Christoph on the shoulder. Then she steals his hat, throws it on the ground and tramples on it. It’s like she wanted to say, “Let Reese be. She’s mine.” Rosie also seems to feel that Christoph’s role is not really a likeable one.

How hard and intensive was the training on the movie set?

Johnson: There were two trainers on set every day, my assistant Joanne Smith and I. Tai had to practice a lot of different routines and that meant a lot of work. We had a month for the initial preparation and after that we practices for three months, daily, to rehearse all the routines. In a particularly difficult scene Tai had to draw a plug out of the ground. Normally you use a plug on the ground to chain an elephant. In the movie, Rosie pulls the plug out of the ground, sneaks to a barrel filled with lemonade, drinks, sneaks back to her initial place along with the plug, pushes it back into the earth and pretends nothing ever happened. We had to practice a lot for that scene. Tai also had to lie down in a circus waggon and pretend that she was hurt. For this scene we needed a lot of time as well.

What about the scene where she runs away from the circus, gets to a city and destroys a lot of things there?

Johnson: In that scene Christoph Waltz is very angry at Rosie, because she sneaks to the nearest villages and eats the vegetables from the market. Rob (Jacob) has to search for her and get her back. For that scene we needed about 300 extras and a few gamesmanship for Tai. There was just too much going on there, children on bikes and a lot of people. In all that chaos Tai had to act and we couldn’t just stand in front of the camera and tell her what to do. She had to eat the corn for example. but not the potatoes. That was a really special command but she did great. As an award she got an apple, a carrot and a little candy. Elephants love that, but Tais favourite sweets are “Jelly Beans”. Sometimes we even clap her on the shoulder and tell her that she did well. She understands that as well.

In the movie we fall in love with Rosie. How intelligent and emotional are elephants?

Johnson: I don’t think that Tai really knows that she’s acting. She does know though that something will happen, cause she’s done that before already. She understands what it means when the director shouts “action” or “cut”. We’ve trained her to stop anything she does as soon as the director shouts “cut”.

How did Robert Pattinson interact and work with Tai?

 Johnson: Robert has a few close-ups with her and Tai thought him to be very likeable the first time she saw him. When Rosie is hurt he takes care of her. Robert never got loud with her and their relationship was adorable and easygoing. I think she liked him a lot.

How well does Tai act? Has she played a lot of leading roles before?

Johnson: A lot of moviemakers told us how impressed they were by her and that she’s always done everything right. They also thought she was very abiding in every shot. I think she’s a good actress.

How did you shot the key scenes in which August isn’t exactly nice to Rosie?

Johnson: That scene was manipulated with CGI effects in post production. The wounds which can be seen on Rosie are not real. They’ve been put on with make-up. When Christoph shot the scene in which he was supposed to hit her with a stick, the stick was just about 25 cm long. He did the movement but never touched her.

That means that during those extremely emotional scenes Tai was never in danger and always really happy?

Johnson: Of course Tai was always safe and we always took care of her. Nobody would ever allow an animal to get hurt.  Nobody will ever hurt our elephants. But on screen that emotion is shown pretty well, simply because Chrstoph is a great actor. When he acts his voice gets higher which makes him sound dangerous. Tai’s eyes were very responsive to that. It can be seen in the movie. She looks at him as if she wanted to say, “Hey, what are you doing with me?”. That’s exactly what she has to do for the role as well.

I can imagine that in the 30s there were circus animals that weren’t treated that well? 
Johnson: It’s like with every aspect of life. There are those and those. I like to thing that most people in the 30s were good and took care of their animals. There are evil doctors and lawyers and obviously there are people who don’t treat their animals the way they deserve to be treated. In some places animals were surely mistreated. Nowadays with the supervision things like that couldn’t happen. We thing it’s positive that there are that many rules to keep the animals safe and happy. We are under constant supervision and that’s good.

Reese Witherspooon told us that she was very emotional on Tai’s last day on set because she was really close to her. Was that a very emotional moment for everyone?

Johnson: She cried and was very sad. They had a really strong relationship and Rob had to fight with tears as well. Of couse you can’t compare animals and human beings but I think that Tai and other elephants can develop a very strong relationship to humans as well – especially ours since they’re constantly learning and working with humans. We take them to shoot movies, take them to the beach or the forest and they have a lot of fun. Our relationships are based on mutual trust. Working with Tai was very touching and emotional for Reese, Rob and Christoph. Watching Reese and Tai work one could see that they had a special bond.

How much fun did Tai have while working?

Johnson: I think she had a lot of fun while working on “Water for Elephants”. Elephants are built for walking, moving a lot and they’re very intelligent. They need phsyical and mental challenges.

How did it come to be that you work with elephants?

Johnson: I’ve loved animals ever since I was a kid. My family had farm animals so I grew up with them. When I was ten, there was a family in southern california that had a petting zoo with lots of different animals. I began cleaning up in those zoos and later on, when I was older, I was allowed to help riding the elephants. With sixteen the opportunity to get an elephants presented itself and since then I’ve always worked with animals. My wife’s step-father was a famous elephant trainer and at the age of 14 my wife learned it as well. We’ve both been doing this for a very long time now and we’re really passionate about the elephants.”

The movie is going to be suspenseful and emotional. Do you think that people will learn a lot about elephants and how extraordinary they are?

Johnson: I think that the movie will raise awareness, just because the story is really exciting and because the younger generation will love to see Rob and Reese together. I think the audience will see how intelligent elephants are. We really hope we can raise awareness about the animals that are kept captive and also the ones in the wilderness.

At the end I want to ask you: You’ve felt drawn to elephants you whole life. What’s the magic that’s the foundation of this book, this movie and our love to elephants?

Johnson: They’re very intelligent animals. You just have to watch them while they’re eating. It’s unbelievable and magical. It’s just really impressive how they eat the hay with their trunk. They’re majestic. They also have wonderful eyes. They just have something about them that draws you in.

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Robert Pattinson reveals why Bel Ami hasn't been released yet...


For producers, one of the draws of hiring Robert Pattinson in a film must be the guaranteed audience of Twilight Saga fans.

But it turns out that this fact has caused a problem for one of his other projects, the risqué Bel Ami.

Rob has admitted that the film is still being edited as the projects executives are worried the actor's fans will be alienated by his womanising role.

Rob plays the role of Georges Duroy, a journalist who sleeps with wealthy women as a way to climb the social ladder in the film adaptation of Maupassant's classic novel.

Rob told Total Film :“We were really true to the book and because the guy is basically a shit who wins everything at the end it’s really difficult to market it – especially with me in it.
“Everyone’s worried that everyone’s going to be thinking, ‘Oh I want him to be nice, he’s got to be nice to all the ladies’.”
For those of you impatient for your next fix of Rob, you don't have long to wait as Water for Elephants is set for release in the US on April 22 and May 4 in the UK.
We want to see Rob being a bad boy...

[PRESSE SCANS] Elle Girl (Ru.) - Avril 2011


And a little heads up from KFuckingPattz:
"FYI guys, Elle Girl is not the mag you should rely on. it's like russian version of.. idek. whoever wrote this article didn't speak with Rob directly, I'm sure. they just re-wrote some other interviews and added something on their own. that's how some russian mags work. For example: Elle Girl wrote an article, where K said that she takes care of her figure, follows a diet and goes to the gym."

We actually did an impossible mission – did an interview with our precious Robert Pattinson and didn’t ask him questions about vampires even once…We managed actually talk with him and not ask about blood, afterlife and Kristen Stewart…We’re in shock…

Elle Girl: Hi, Rob! Let’s talk about love…
Robert: Oh…again… (smiling) Ok.. you can ask…what’s interesting about that?

EG: Your character in WFE fell in love from the first sight…Do you believe in like that?
R: Of course

EG: Did it happen to you?
R: Million times..I actually think that most people fell in love at the moment when they saw their love for the first time..

EG: And how can you tell that you fall in love?
R: I can’t answer that…Really…I don’t know…You have very hard questions…

EG: Robert!
R: How can you describe love? If you love someone then you think that this person is the best in the world, don’t you? But if she doesn’t think that way about herself?? I think, the whole point to make her believe that she’s perfect, the most beautiful.

EG: In the movie your and Reese’s character has a secret love…About you and your private life?
R: Oh, if it was me, I would do everything to make private life just for 2 people…You know, when I was 12, I asked a girl for a date for the 1st time. The next everybody was like: ‘Are you going out with her?’ And I was like: ‘Oh God’. I never talked to this girl ever…

EG: Is it easier for you now?
R: What private life with all these paparazzi around? They don’t care, they make money..You know, I hate being photographed…Even before all of this [fame] I hated it, even when my mom took pictures of me.

EG: And this man become an actor…..
R: On a movie set I have nothing against the cameras.. But other places…

EG: And what you’re gonna do to stop that?
R: I’m ready to shoot! *laughs*

EG: Are you tired of fans?
R: No, it’s all good, fans, love, of course, if it’s about me…But I feel like it’s all about character, not real Rob..

EG: But you’re so handsome…It’s pretty much enough to somebody to fall in love…
R: It’s kind of weird.. Before Twilight I wasn’t offered the roles of guys like that..

EG: Was it hard to play more ‘human’ part in WFE?
R: No, actually…On the set I was really happy with what’s around me.. For example, it was cool that you can sweat and play the role like that…On Twilight it was impossible, if your forehead sweated even a little bit, immediately 5 make-up artists there to fix it..It’s kind of a relief that it wasn’t like that on WFE..

EG: What about wild animals? Was it hard to work with them?
R: No, it was cool! If you’re working with elephant, for instance, and there’ some kind of chest cause the elephant threw it there, you have to react naturally…No one expects the episode to be perfect because animals can’t work with a script…It means that actors also can relax and improvise..And that’s very cool..

EG: Do you have pets at home?
R: Yeah? I have a dog now and very happy about it.

EG: How did you call it?
R: I haven’t decided yet, it’s from the shelter….He’s like…like…he looks like hyena.

EG: Did you start to train it?
R: Yes. It’s very clever and obedient.

EG: Feels like you like animals more than humans?
R: I don’t know. I’m just lucky with four-legged friends. On the set I become really close with Tai, the elephant..She definitely has some kind of aura, anyone who was around her felt really peaceful..It’s really cool, to be around such a huge animal, which is so gentle at the same time…

EG: Was the circus that exciting for you when you were a child?
R: Not really…When I was there, I saw really stupid number where the clown died..I thought it was for real until I was like 21..My mom opened my eyes…*laughs*

EG: How you can relax?
R: I can’t wait for the flights. I can sleep there quietly.

EG: And what about your dream day off? What it’s like?
R: I’d probably watch films. Or played a game on my IPhone *laughs*. I can play it 16 hours in a row.

EG: What about sport?
R: On BD I was training really hard because I have shirtless scenes.. I had to eat healthy food, go to the gym all the time, ride a bike everywhere and I liked it. When I finished these scenes, I relaxed and I don’t go to the gym at all. I can’t force myself..

EG: Any guilty pleasures?
R: M and M’s pretzels…