samedi 22 mars 2014

*NEW* Pic. of Robert Pattinson... at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards After Party...

at the Hazelton Hotel dinner...
8th March 2014...

from Bevely Hills Courrier

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source: RPL

[PRESS SCAN] LIFE's issue from 7th March 1955... with the statue of the Rangoon Buddha on the cover...


Remember this pic of Rob and Joel (Edgerton), holding some LIFE magazine, while filming "Life".... and looking at them, like he was discovering some of his pics inside...??

 photo PAW1.jpg

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 photo PAW2.jpg

well... I like the fact they (the production) used the real (or a copy) of the "Life" 's issue from 7th March 1955, with the statue of the Rangoon Buddha on the cover... 

Table of contents: "Hollywood gets a new star, youngster James Dean"

 photo PAW3.jpg

And at pages 125, 126, 127, 128, of the magazine... we can see the pics of James Dean, taken by Dennis Stock... while they were staying in Dean's hometown, Fairmount, in Indiana.
Including some pictures of farm animals...
you do remember the pics we had of Rob and Dane earlier... with cows, horses and so on, don't you.... well... just in case.... you can have a look at some of them HERE, with the cows or HERE ...

anyway... here are the scans of the old LIFE's issue....

 photo PAW4.jpg

  photo PAW6.jpg  photo PAW5.jpg

Photos by Dennis Stock of course....
scan LIFE magazine:
source: huge thanks to Nic via Pattinson AW

A lil compilation of *NEW* #DiorRob pics... thanks to Tumblr: Dior


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 photo diorBTSTumblr20032014.jpg

 photo diorBTSTumblr19032014.jpg photo diorBTSTumblr20032014.jpg
 photo diorBTSTumblr18032014.jpg  photo diorBTSTumblr200320142.jpg

New Australian release date for "The Rover"... Now 12th June...

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from FilmInk
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from Australiascreen

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source: ToR