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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Wild Ride

robert pattinson and kristen stewart
photo by Mark Seliger

With Twilight, the young actors found themselves thrust into the spotlight. Now, while their characters are torn apart in New Moon, they couldn't be closer.

Rob Pattinson's and Kristen Stewart's rooms sit side by side on the thirtysomethingth floor of the Sheraton hotel in Vancouver ("the Couve," as Kristen calls it), where they are filming Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight saga. They spend a lot of time in their rooms in the sky -- two Rapunzels of sorts entertaining themselves behind closed doors -- because it's really, really hard to go out. "There are like 15 different exits in this place," observes Kristen of the tactics she and the rest of the Twilight cast use to avoid the paparazzi. She adds, "Rob is more frustrated with it, but he's 23 and I'm 19. He had a couple more years to be an adult and to be independent, whereas just as I was getting to the age when it's normal to go out by yourself ..." She pauses. "But it's boring because this is all I fucking talk about."

Rob talks about it too. "Do you mind if we sit outside?" he asks as he stands in his hotel room, looking longingly out the window. "I need some air." It's a cold, gray day, but who is to deny him some freedom? (And chivalry is not dead, girls. A young man will still lend you his jacket. Maybe because he is British.) Rob doesn't just face paparazzi, he gets clawing, shrieking girls too. New Yorkers may remember he was clipped by a cab while fleeing from the ladies on the set of Remember Me this past summer. "But at least that's an experience, something new," he says. "If it's just screaming -- and I know this sounds so ridiculous -- that gets old. But sometimes when there's literal chaos, it's like being in a war zone, and that's kind of exciting. You're just running through the crowd of people chasing after you and no one knows what's going on." Rob has laid low for a few days -- a disturbance in the Force so great that Perez Hilton (home of some of Rob's 15,200,000 Google hits) felt compelled to post, "Where is R-Patz?!" "If I'm not out, I've had a heroin overdose," Rob observes. "It's one thing or another."
At the moment, there is only one thing anyone cares about regarding these two, who, as Twilight's Bella and Edward, manifest all of our vampiric romance fetishes: Are they dating or what? Well ... it's clear that Rob and Kristen are close -- very close. Okay, who is the most romantic then? "I have a no-bullshit detector," says Kristen, "so I'd have to say Rob is. I think romance is anything honest. As long as it's honest, it's so disarming." Rob chuckles when asked the same question. "Um, I don't know. What did Kristen say?" You. "No. I'm better at faking." This is followed by a very long laugh.

The two first met at the 2007 auditions for Twilight, what they both assumed was going to be a cult vampire movie -- not a $380-million-grossing global phenomenon complete with their own Barbies. They were thrown into a bedroom scene -- well, a scene in a bedroom, anyway. "It wasn't like we had to lie down together," Kristen says, "but we were very reactive. We had a very responsive, palpable thing." Robert notoriously took half a Valium beforehand. "I was calm and collected, and then we do this thing where we're pretty much making out. I've since tried to do it at another audition, but it completely just collapsed." He adds, "Kristen was very different from how I expected the girl who played Bella would be. I was kind of intimidated."
Even though she was born and bred in chillaxed Los Angeles, Kristen is an intense young lady -- and the shock of unruly black hair she currently has (a legacy from her role as Joan Jett in the upcoming The Runaways) does nothing to dispel that perception. Some TwilightEclipse. "I think it's ridiculous that you need to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty," she declares, then smiles, "but now that my hair's grown out and shaggy, it sort of looks a little funny. I'll admit that." Kristen swears like a sailor and feels everything 200 percent. "She's a unique girl," says Rob simply. "You really don't meet many people like Kristen."

Today, in the hotel's Constellation Suite, Kristen is sitting on the concrete terrace in her uniform of jeans, a white tank under another tie-dyed one, and a hoodie. "I'm like, fuck, I'm not wearing a neon-colored tube top or something pink," she says, putting her at odds with many in her red-carpet, The Hills-ian peer group. Ask her who made her top and she has no idea. A look at the tag, though, reveals something called Born Famous Couture. She looks mortified, then cackles. "I did not buy this, I promise."

Of the two, it seems Kristen wears the pants. (While she will admit to one girlish thing, a love of Chanel, her dream outfit is a custom Brooks Brothers suit.) When she ventures into a dress, it might just be covered in metal, like the Rock & Republic mini she wore to the Teen Choice Awards earlier this year. "Everyone was like, 'Look at your spiky skirt!'" she says with a grin, "and I was like, 'Spiky skirt? They were bullets, mofo!'" She gets some stick in the media for not suffering fools. "People think I'm trying to be rebellious, but that's the last thing I'm doing," she says. "But I would hate myself if I tried to satisfy the people who have a problem with the way I speak about myself, so it's okay."

"Kristen doesn't take any slack," Rob says. "She sticks to her guns -- and that's difficult to do." He also thinks she's a better actor than he is. "I don't really know how to act. I'm kind of guessing everything. ... Even though I can conceptualize stuff, she can actually do it. I can make something so complex and then be like, That was pout 27." He reckons she's a better judge of character too. "She'll decide on someone a lot quicker. She has a lot more self-esteem than I do, so she's like, 'You're an idiot and I don't want to talk to you,' and I'm like, 'I'm an idiot too!' So I'll talk to an idiot for like three days before deciding."

That handicap aside, Rob is gloriously handsome. The planes of his face work beautifully in 3-D, 2-D, probably 1-D too. But in person, he doesn't have a whole lot of game. He is self-deprecating to a fault. (During the interview, he refers to himself as an idiot a half dozen times.) He also maintains, in all seriousness, that he's never broken up with a girl; they've always broken up with him. "Eventually, the girl is like, 'I know it's got nothing to do with me. You're an?...?idiot.'"

In the corner of Rob's hotel room sits a stack of boxes. "Most of it is my dirty washing from New York," he says shamefacedly. "I didn't do any washing the whole time I was there. I just put it in boxes and shipped them up here." When his clean laundry runs out, he steals socks and underwear from sets. I find a suspicious lump in his jacket pocket, which turns out to be a pair of black socks. "Oh, God!" he says, bursting out in laughter. "See? I'm a klepto."

Famousness, it seems, hit Rob before he could coordinate his infrastructure. The most functional parts of his hotel room's decor are a couple of guitars and a box of Ray-Bans. "Do you want a pair?" he asks, thrusting them into my hand. "I've got 16." At least he's prepared to withstand the glare of the spotlight. He chuckles and says, "My dad says he likes to bask in my glow."

Rob might want to stash some of those sunglasses, because the excitement about next summer's release of Eclipse, in which Bella and Edward get engaged, might, yes, eclipse New Moon. The tabloids are excitedly reporting that Rob and Kristen are "Engaged!" based solely on them calling each other "husband" and "wife" on set. So it seems only appropriate to hit them with a newlywed game of sorts. ...

Who spends more time on their hair?
Kristen: "Rob."
Rob: "I have weird personal-space issues, and so I can't stand people -- um, I'll do anything to not have any touch-ups."
Kristen: "Rob. In a very childish way, in every aspect of his life. He'll literally start talking in a different voice if he's won something. He sounds like a five-year-old."
Rob: "I'd say it was even. She said me? Really? When I really win things, it's just like..." [Kristen is correct: He makes a noise like a five-year-old.]
Kristen: "I'm definitely claiming that one. Rob can barely jump rope. I call him Flippy because when he does his stunt rehearsals, he flips around [makes a gesture like a penguin]. And, God, when he tries to run ..."
Rob: "Kristen. You notice it in the film; she looks so much more athletic than I do. And I'm supposed to be the superhero."
Kristen: "I'd have to say him. I hope he says him too actually. Like every time he looks in the mirror and he twists his hair. Actually, he could give a fuck about his hair. I hope that sarcasm translates."
Rob: "It's kind of a tie. We're both pretty proud people. Her ego is more solid than mine, but mine has soared to such peaks, it's ridiculous. Mine's more erratic, but it can get to a point when it's, like, godlike. Only in my eyes, of course. Sometimes just when I say hello the right way, I'm like, Whoa, I'm so cool."
Who Googles themselves more?
Kristen: "Rob."
Rob: "She would say me, but I reckon it's her. If either one of us catches the other one doing it, we're like, Jesus Christ, is that what you're looking at? And the other one's on their phone pretending to text. I look up my competition more than she does. I'm incredibly shallow. I think she just looks at herself."
Who's the better musician?
Kristen: "Rob. He's a great singer. Heartbreaking."
The most outgoing?
Rob: "I was once, but not so much anymore. Kristen's a little more open now."
Better sport?
Kristen: "Who can hang? Definitely me. He's very sensitive. He's got a fragile ego."
Kristen: "Rob. He's a little bit more paranoid, so that feeds into superstition more."
Rob: "I am. I believe a lot in karma and stuff. Like when I end up with egg on my face, I'm like, Fate! I was born doomed. But I think it's more being an idiot than superstitious."
But perhaps it pays to be a little paranoid. Whatever it takes for Rob and Kristen to live their hothouse lives as normally as they can -- until the November 20 opening of New Moon, anyway. In the interim, CNN will report whenever Rob gets a haircut (it already has), and girls will get mad at Kristen for not wearing pink tube tops and taking their dream man away. They both fantasize about what they would do if nobody could see them. "I'd like to say something noble," Rob says, fiddling with his hair, "but I'd probably spy on people to hear what they think of me -- and then hate them for it afterward." Kristen is, as ever, a little blunter: "I'd go for a walk."

11 faits sur Rob & Kristen... ^_^

Robert: sur la conduite
"Mon père est vendeur de voitures, mais j'ai grandi à Londres, donc je dis toujours que je ne conduis pas. Je me fais conduire. J'ai pris des leçons de conduite dans l'Oregon et ensuite j'ai acheté une voiture à L.A.. J'ai surtout appris comment conduire en emboutissant les gens. Je suis un conducteur épouvantable."

Kristen: Chats vs Chiens
Si elle pourrait être un animal, elle serait un chat. "Avec les chats, les rapports sont du genre : 'Viens ici! ' Et ils restent plantés là d'un air de dire: 'Va te faire foutre !'

Robert: au sujet des lessives
"A Londres, laver le linge était une chose bisannuelle, une mission géante. Moi et mon colocataire avions des vélos on avait chacun un énorme sac plein de fringues à laver, c'était comme un convoi."

Kristen: au sujet des vêtements pour hommes
"Je trouve sexy les filles qui portent les pantalons d'hommes noirs - adaptés, certes, mais pour hommes à la base. Quand je regarde les vêtements de couturiers que porte Rob et j'ai envie de lui dire 'Mec, je veux ce pantalon !' "

Robert: sur l'anonymatParfois je rêve que les gens ne savent pas qui je suis, je pourrais mentir, dire que j'écris des discours pour Obama. C'est ce que je disais avant Twilight.

Et puis Obama a été élu, et il avait plein de jeunes rédacteurs. J'ai découvert ce type, Jon Favreau , qui écrit pour lui. Et je me suis dit : Wow, je me demande si les gens à qui je racontais ces conneries à l'époque se disent maintenant : 'Oh mon Dieu ! Ce type qui était ivre dans ce bar est vraiment en train d'écrire le projet de loi sur la santé publique !'

Kristen: au sujet de sa taille
"Je mesure 5'6'. J'aimerais être plus grande. Je me trouve petite par rapport à ma stature mentale. Je devrais mesurer 5'10'. Ce serait super."

Robert: à propos d'argent
Je ne dépense pas d'argent. Ma seule dépense réelle est ma voiture, qui coûte 1500 $ et qui continue à me coûter de l'argent. Je trouverais ça chouette d'acheter une maison à mes parents, mais en même temps ils aiment la leur ; ça serait plutôt un fardeau pour eux. Je porte les mêmes vêtements tous les jours et la seule chose que j'achète en grande quantité et d'un seul coup ce sont des DVD.

Kristen: sur le métier d'actrice
"Quel que soit le rôle que je travaille, quoi que je fasse, je suis stressée. Si cela ne me stresse pas, c'est que je ne devrais pas le faire."

Robert: à propos du mannequinat
"J'ai atteint la limite à 12 ans. Il y a plein de photos où j'ai l'air insupportablement gauche. Je ne fais que regarder dans toutes les directions, des trucs du genre."

Kristen: en cuisine
"Je fais de très bonnes tartes. Celle que je réussis le mieux est l'Apple Pie."

Robert: au sujet de la dance
Il dit que danser le rend nerveux : "J'ai l'habitude d'être vraiment doué en tout, mais à ce sujet mon cerveau a loupé quelque chose."

source : twilight quebec

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Remember Me...
Souviens toi de moi...

Bande annonce...

et qques stills...
and some stills...

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Why we love New York...

16. Because Robert Pattinson kept the Gossip Columns Busy

illustrations by Kyungduk Kim
March 14 At the Rose Bar, Pattinson is reportedly overheard bemoaning the fact that he “can’t get laid in New York.”
June 15 Pattinson is attacked by throngs of women while filming Remember Me in Washington Square Park.
June 19 Pattinson is struck by a taxi at Broadway and 12th Street while trying to run from fans.

July 19 Pattinson runs across Water Street in a hood and sunglasses, ignoring crowds of screaming middle-aged women.
July 22 Pattinson checks out a brunette at Lil’ Frankie’s on First Avenue.
October 11 Pattinson complains that he still can’t get a date. “To be honest, I still don’t really understand what’s going on.”

November 1 Mattel releases Twilight Barbie Edward doll, modeled on Pattinson.
November 10 Pattinson says his jeans are a few days old, and he changes his shirt when he can’t take the scent of it anymore.
November 11 Pattinson admits that when he met Zac Efron, he swooned.

source: nymag.com

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Robert Pattinson est incontournable depuis son rôle d’Edward dans Twilight, mais certains fans acceptent mal qu’il soit harcelé sans cesse par les paparazzi.

Depuis la sortie de Twilight1, Facscination, Robert Pattinson, qui incarne le vampire Edward, fait l’objet d’un harcèlement non stop par les paparazzi. Par les journalistes aussi, qui n’hésitent pas à lui poser des questions privées lors des conférences de presse officielles du film. Un succès de cette envergure fait bien évidemment des dégâts, et certains admirateurs de la star veulent que ces dérives cessent. S’ils adorent l’univers créé par Stephanie Meyer, ils ne veulent pas connaître la vie privée de Robert Pattinson.

Le revers du succès est difficile à assumer pour l'acteur. Certains veulent tous savoir de lui et à chaque déplacement, une horde de fans le poursuivent pour une photo, un autographe ou un bisou. Difficile de vivre sa vie dans ces conditions. Car le jeune homme pait, et son image fait vendre.

Il est vrai que ces derniers mois, les rumeurs les plus folles dérivaient de Twilight. Au-delà des questions récurrentes sur la relation qu’entretiennent Robert et sa partenaire à l’écran Kristen Stewart, l’acteur a fait l’objet d’une obsession qu’il n’a jamais
recherchée. Ca va loin : des produits dérivés pas toujours de très bon goûts (les culottes Pattinson notamment), à des inteviews qu'il s'est vu contraint de quitter...à cause de questions trop personnelles, l’acteur semble en avoir marre de toute cette attention trop souvent injustifiée. Et ses fans aussi. La pression est tellement présente qu’un mot a même été inventé pour désigner l’obsession des fans envers Pattinson : les Robsessed.

De là, les Twilighters ont ouvert une pétition pour dire stop aux paparazzi, car selon eux, mélanger vie privée et cinéma peut devenir très dangereux. Les fans se mobilisent contre ces débordements, et si vous voulez les soutenir, une pétition est ouverte pour demander aux journalistes de respecter la star.

A découvrir et signer ici

source: Premiere.fr

Sur Twilighters France une vidéo a été faite... utilisant le même concept que la video anglophone qui circule également...!

Vidéos pour la campagne:
"He doesn't want this, neither do we" , enfin disponibles !

Celle de Seiko:


et bien sur, du site où tout à commencer... thinkingofrob.com...!
(déjà à l'initiative du la campagne "Respect"...!!)



Citation:We've reached over 1,000 pics and 100 sites have joined up with ToR. This is part 2 of the pics.

Due to recent paps pics of Rob that came out today and invasive ones taken before (chasing Rob while hes driving, taking pic tures of him from rooftops), the fans are standing up and fighting back. We want the paps to know that we dont want to see pics like these, so stop taking them.
Stop invading his private life. Enough is enough. Because no person deserves this, celebrity our not. There are limits and you have gone too far. He doesnt want this, neither do we!

Heres our way of fighting back, in less than 24 hours we were able to get 570+ pics of fans posing with their arms over their face to show their protest. This is our way of say ing leave him alone. Were hoping this message gets across to the paps. Fans from all over the world sent in pics and translated quotes.

We, as site owners, dont want to post these pics either. A huge group of fans and sites came together for this post. This is a collaborative effort between Thinking of Rob, Pattinson Online, In My Dreams, Eyes of Amber, Ran dom Acts of Rob, Rob My World,
Why not? Twilight, Rpattz and Me, Gossip Dance , Robmusement, Twilight Ladies, Edward-Cullen.Net and so many others.

FP from www.thinkingofrob.com check out the original post on the site. We're getting tons more pics so we'll be making a part 2 to this vid and I wouldn't be surprised if we reach 1,000 pics by tomorrow.

soyons des fans engagés et responsables...!

si vous souhaitez les utilisez... faites juste un "enregistrer sous"... ;oP
puis, uploader comme d'hab, en utilisant soit le forum, soit votre site habituel... ^_^
(si vous avez des questions... n'hésitez pas... )

source: le tout sur le forum, Le Clan des Cullenettes....

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Verra t on Robert Pattinson dans un numéro de Vogue...?

Citation:From E! OnlineWe know where Robert Pattinson was today.

Across the street from our offices—at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art!
But he wasn't exactly checking out any exhibits…
Sources tell us that hottie R.Pattz and his stunning Remember Me costar Emilie de Ravin were there being photographed at the museum (aka LACMA) for Vogue magazine.

I'm told editors at the fashion bible are planning a multipage spread of the twosome for the mag's annual Power Issue that rolls off the presses just in time for Remember Me's March 12 release date.

"The theme is a date at LACMA," one source says.

Photographer Norman Jean Roy is said to have shot them in several spots throughout the museum, including interior and exterior setups. "It's kind of edgy in a Vogue way," the source says. "Emilie is wearing high fashion but it's like sort of tattered-looking. Rob is mainly in suits."

Pattinson arrived at about 9 a.m. before the museum opened. But it's not like art lovers—or Twihards—were going to get a good luck at him during the day anyway. Locations were blocked off with blue tarps and surrounded by security guards.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira

grosso modo... Robert Pattison a été vu en compagnie d'Emile de Ravin, en train de faire un shoot pour, apparement Vogue (le Vogue d'Anna Wintour... lol..)

le photoshoot a été fait par Norman Jean Roy...
(pour info... => son site )
il a ete apparement fait au LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)... en intérieur ET extérieur...
si c'est vrai, il s'agirait d'un numéro qui serait pour la sortie de Remember Me... of course...

voilà... moi, maintenant, j'attends confirmation de ça...
et si ça s'avère vrai... OMFG... les pics vont être awesome... :heart:

je croise mes petits doigts.......!!!

EDIT.... le 16 Décembre...
Gossipcop confirme qu'il y aura bien un photoshoot des 2 acteurs pour le magazine Vogue. Il sortira pour le numéro du mois de mars à 3 semaine avant la sortie du film aux Etats -Unis (mi-février en gros).
Retrouvez l'article de Gossipcop: ICI

Le photographe Norman Jean Roy dit-on, a fait plusieurs clichés dans tout le musée, y compris aussi bien à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur . Une source a dit " Emilie est vêtue de vêtements de haute couture, mais c'est très moderne . Rob est principalement en costume. "

Ils sont arrivés vers 9h avant l'ouverture du musée.

source: E!Online

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Uma Thurman...
Robert Pattinson's Co star in Bel Ami..

Robert Pattinson has a new costar: Uma Thurman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Thurman has joined the Twilight star in the film adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s short story Bel Ami. Kristin Scott Thomas has also joined the cast. Pattinson plays a young journalist who sleeps his way to the top in Parisian society. Thurman plays his friend’s wife who helps him and later becomes his wife. Thomas plays a socialite who becomes clingy with the journalist. Declan Donnellan will direct the film, which is set to shoot in 2010 in Paris.

Source: EW.com

maintenant, c'est Uma Thurman et Kristin Scott Thomas qui seraient les co stars de Rob...
il y a pire, non...
(et je préfère à Nicole Kidman... lol...)

Avant Première New Moon...
New York, le 19 Novembre 2009

Bigger click and click again

source: Socialite Life, Startracks and Lion&Lamb via robsessed.com.