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This is a preview of the Robert Pattinson Interview from the Italian"Vanity Fair" MAY Issue


"I do not know why but all the interviews with Robert Pattinson, or almost all at least start with a description of how he is dressed. My interview, however, is not yet written: it will be ready in Italy at the release of his new movie after “Twilight” , I mean ” Water for Elephants”; probably in May. But when I know that it will take me just to do something different, I will not say anything about how he was dressed.

But I also know that in the case of Pattinson, even the smallest detail can not be wasted, because millions of women worldwide, from 9 years old, would sacrifice more than just broken a nail just to get their hands on the smallest news about him. Here, then, a detailed account of Pattinson look. Meanwhile, the location, a second floor suite at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles. Then the time: are the 3 and a half in the afternoon and although it is not his first interview of the day, he seems to be just pulled out of bed.

Finally he arrives: He pours himself a cup of coffee, “I need to wake up”, he apologizes. And, indeed, he has the sleepy face, but his eyes are incredibly clear. Then he sits down and puts his feet near the coffee table in front of the chair. He wears a pair of black jeans, quite narrow at the bottom that move back on bended knees exposing a piece of skin between the short socks (those are also black) and the edge of his trousers. He has white skin, dark hairs and sparse.(Kate: You're kidding! His legs are white and he has hair on them!{insert sarcasm font here}) On his feet he's wearing a pair of Dr. Martens, ça va sans dire, black. And to complete the look a T-shirt and a jacket that I would say are vintage. His hair is shaved on the neck, with a little part visible at front in a bunch, his skin is clear and smooth. And then his lips: I swear, the reddest I’ve ever seen on a man..."

Un avant goût de l'interview de Robert Pattinson pour Vanity Fair Italie...
Je ne sais pas pourquoi toutes les interviews de Robert Pattinson, enfin presque toutes, débutent avec une description de la manière dont il est habillé. Mon interview, cependant , n'est pas encore écrite : ça sera prêt en Italie pour la sortie de son nouveau film post “Twilight” , ” Water for Elephants”; sans doute en mai. Mais lorque je sais que je vais devoir faire quelque chose de différent, je ne dirais rien sur sa tenue.

Mais je sais aussi que dans le cas de Pattinson, même le détail le plus infime ne doit être négligé , car des millions de femmes dans le monde , dès 9 ans , pourrait sacrifier plus qu'un ongle cassé pour mettre la main sur la moindre nouvelle sur lui. Voici donc un rapport détaillé du look de Pattinson . Pendant ce temps , le lieu , une suite au 2ème étage du Four Seasons de Los Angeles. Puis le moment : 15h30 et bien que ce ne soit pas sa 1ère interview du jour , on dirait qu'il sort juste du lit.

Il arrive enfin : il se verse une tasse de café, “ Je dois me réveiller” s'excuse t-il. Et en effet, il a un visage ensommeillé , mais ses yeux sont incroyablement clairs. Puis il s'asseoit et met ses pieds près de la table où se trouve le café , en face de la chaise. Il porte un jean noir ,assez étroit en bas et on repasse vers ses genoux pliés exposant un bout de peau entre ses courtes chaussettes ( noires aussi) et le bas de son jeans. Il a la peau blafarde , des cheveux foncés et clairsemés. Aux pieds, il a une paire de Dr. Martens, cela va sans dire, noire Pour compléter le tout un T-shirt et une veste qui selon moi est vintage. Ses cheveux sont rasés devant , avec une part visible de houppe, la peau est claire et lisse . Et ensuite ses lèvres : je jure que ce sont les lèvres les plus rouges que j'ai vu chez un homme...

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Robert Pattinson (with Reese and Christopher) coming to Berlin for "Water for Elephants" Premiere...??

Will Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon & Christoph Waltz be present at the Premiere of Water for Elephants in Berlin?
(not yet confirmed.... but...!)

According to (BZ) Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz would be attending a Premiere of Water for Elephants in Berlin in April.

Yes, they’re really coming all 3 to Berlin: RP, Reese W. and Christoph Waltz!
We have confirmation from Fox.

As far as I know, Mr. Pattinson will come with Ms. Witherspoon and Mr. Waltz to the premiere of the film in Berlin. Further details about the location and progress of the premiere, will be coming in the following days.

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*New* Rob's Outtakes

from Vogue's (March 2010 issue)



honestly, still not my fav...!

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Water For Elephants...

Well... JUST Rob...
Thanks to ROBZSINGER1's amazing vid.❤

Juliette Binoche as Didi Fancher...

and Paul Giamatti as Benno Levin in Cosmopolis!

Clap Filmes reveals that Juliette Binoche will play Didi Fancher in Cosmopolis! Didi is a 47-year-old art expert & one of Eric Packer's (Rob) love interests! Paul Giamatti will play Benno Levin, who is after Eric!

and by the way... there's an Official Cosmopolis Film website...  here


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New Pic of Robert Pattinson with a fan...

A crew member during Breaking Dawn Filming...
Thanks to her posting it... ♡

Photo caption: 
It was nice meeting and working with you on "Twilight-Breaking Dawn" in Baton Rouge, La...Good luck with future film work. :) I work on the show in the paint dept. I painted the sets.

He is awesome!! Sooo easy to talk to...I have an Cochlear ear implant and was explaining the operation and he was so concern. I told him to protect his hearing! he was amaze about the facts of hearing loss....I saw him again during the wrap party. I met kristen too. She is tiny and very shy..with a potty mouth..LOL!!!
Both of them are really cool people..both chain smoke like there's no tomorrow, but care for the cast and the crew. I will work around them both again...and Michael Aills is Robert's stand in..omg..he looks alike like Robert enough to be his twin!
Ive met and talk with him twice. I saw him almost everyday when we were both working..It''s (scruff) wasnt an issue when we did talk, it's for the show peroid.. He's gald that the final Twilight is over, now he want to move to others roles.
It was taking at the Kick off party in Baton Rouge in Oct (before halloween)............

Croped Rob...!

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Yes, there 's a pic of the International WFE Press Conference...

and NOPE, I'm not posting it...!

I know, I know... but there's is a kind of embargo on it... the "man/woman" who tweeted it shouldn't...
it shouldn't have been post that early... which is really a shame... really...!

Anyway... I'm going to be a good girl...!! Photobucket

about the pic.. I think Rob is looking more handsome Photobucket , than ever... and younger... LOL... how does he do that...
and of course, of course, he's drinking a Coke...

about the International WFE Press Conference...


CinePremiere Translation:

We're in Los Angeles to interview Robert Pattinson for Water for Elephants. Send your questions.

Update from CinePremiere
"It went great, the interview will be available in the magazine, in the month of the #WFE release, tentatively May."

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