mercredi 30 juin 2010

Convention Paris... 2010

Et le 5ème Guest... est....Melissa Rosenberg..

Ça y est, vous connaissez enfin le nom de ce cinquième invité ! SND, M6 Évènements et Ultim'Art Convention ont réservé une belle surprise pour la convention officielle en proposant ce guest surprise de dernière minute !

SND a le plaisir de vous annoncer que la convention officielle de Twilight accueillera Melissa Rosenberg, la scénariste de tous les volets de la saga !

Elle sera donc présente les deux après-midi du 3 et 4 juillet pour les événements suivants :
  • séance photos
  • séance de dédicaces
  • conférence autour de son travail de scénariste
Melissa Rosenberg est actuellement en train d’adapter le scénario Breaking Dawn. Elle est aussi célèbre pour être la scénariste de Dexter, énorme phénomène mondial également, ainsi que de nombreuses séries télévisées américaines.

Une belle surprise car Melissa est actuellement en plein travail d'écriture et qu'elle ne participe que très rarement à des événements en Europe ! Je sens que les séances de questions/réponses vont être très intéressantes !

tain, moi je dis... ça, ça le fait grave....!!

mardi 29 juin 2010

Forbes... Worlds Most Powerful List...

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart make Forbes "Worlds Most Powerful List"

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
The third installment of “The Twilight Saga” premieres on Wednesday, but already Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are two of the world’s most powerful celebrities, according to Forbes Magazine.

The on-screen couple, who are rumored to be a pair off-screen as well, debut on the coveted list for the first time, with Robert taking spot #50 and Kristen trailing at #66.

Oprah Winfrey, who was trumped by Angelina Jolie last year, reclaimed her #1 spot on the annual Forbes list with earnings of $315 million.

Other newcomers to the list included Lady Gaga who appeared in the #4 spot with earnings of $62 million, as well as James Cameron who thanks to “Avatar” earned #3 spot with $210 million in earnings.

Additional first time appearances included Conan O’Brien (#51), the Black Eyed Peas (#16), Robert Downey, Jr. (#73), and Chelsea Handler (#98).

Sandra Bullock, who had a rough year in her personal life, scored high on the list professionally, earning the #8 spot with $56 million in earnings.

Source Access Hollywood

lundi 28 juin 2010

Le Hasard est chez moi... titouff19

je vous ai déjà parlé d'elle...
ben, c'est le retour de mademoiselle titouff19...

Bella fuit un début de vie difficile. Elle emménage dans un nouvel appartement et reprend goût à tout grâce à son nouveau colocataire. Tous les personnages sont humains.

allez vite lire => Le Hasard est chez moi... Photobucket

jeudi 17 juin 2010

Malheur -euse / -eux en amour... Isasoleil

1 histoire... 2 POV...
Fic écrite par Isasoleil... 

à lire en premier...
le POV de Bella...
Moi, Bella Swan, j'ai toujours été malheureuse en amour. C'est pour cette raison que je me console dans des aventures d'un soir et me réconforte dans les bras de mon meilleur ami Jasper. Est-ce que le grand amour frappera à ma porte ? TOUS HUMAINS
perso, j'adore.. et c'est par ici... => Malheureuse en amour... Photobucket

ensuite... le POV d'Edward...
(ok... j'avoue... mon préféré... on se refait pas, hein...)
IMPORTANT LIRE POV BELLA AVANT ! Moi, Edward Cullen, je suis malheureux en amour, encore plus depuis que je suis marié. Je me console dans les aventures d'un soir. Jusqu'au soir où un ange me choisit pour une danse le soir de son anniversaire. AH/LEMON
 par là... =>  Malheureux en amour... Photobucket

lundi 14 juin 2010

Eclipse TwiCon... L.A
Rob, Kristen & Taylor...

stairway to heaven from Robert Pattinson on Vimeo.

Eclipse Press Con Portraits ... L.A
Rob's...  :heart:

source: Everglow...

Eclipse Press Junket... L.A
ET Itv... avec le trio... ^_^

First Look At Robert Pattinson's
"Remember Me" DVD Menu & Details About The Commentary

Premier Aperçu du Dvd "Remember Me"... 
de son menu et des commentaires...

A very lucky person got their hands on the "Remember Me" DVD and has tweeted pics of the menu and details about the commentary!
Une petite chanceuse a eut entre ses mains, le Dvd Remember Me.. et a "tweeté" des pics du menu et des détails du commentaires... (trop hâte...)

Tweets about the commentary... read at your own risk.

Tweets à propos de l'audio commentaire...
vous êtes avertis... ;)

Watching RM w Commentary.. Its Rob, Ruby and Emilie. Rob’s giggling alot.. very cute

Ruby loved Eddie’s Sweet Shop!

Pornographic poems in bold letters… teehee

Rob was only relaxed during the first scene with Ruby because she was calm..

He said when he was putting the books away at the Strand that he was reciting the alphabet to keep the books in order… lol

Rob had the most fun shooting the fight scene… no choreography involved apparently.

I was there when they filmed that. teehee. Rob loves the backpack

He claims to have stolen a guitar from set but producer says that they gave it to him.. lol

Lots of talk about hemorroid cream… SMH

Aww.. the scene where Ruby tells Rob about the art show was improv’d

Rob compared Emilie to a Spice Girl because she wore the white tank with the black bra… she didnt like that too much. lol

He was grossed out by the food during the dish washing scene and squirted Emilie square in the face the 1st time they shot that scene

Momma Pattinson thought Rob actually tattooed Michael on his chest.. lol

Ruby’s quiet thru the sex scene. I really hope she isnt in the room with them during this discussion

Rob wanted to be a cop after watching the scene with Chris Cooper and his partner at the precinct

Birthday scene had 5 PAs blowing out the candles at the same time

Ruby said she related to Caroline on a lot of aspects and truly enjoyed playing the role

Ruby is jealous of Caroline’s room

Rob says anyone would want a little sister like Caroline because she never gets annoying

Rob enjoyed watching the Oak room scene in NY because everyone got the baseball jokes and he didnt.

Rob loves the RM soundtrack

Museum scene was shot the day after Rob was introduced to a cab

Rob discussed the boardroom scene with Pierce weeks before filming it to make sure the emotions played out correctly

Wallsecks scene- Rob: Random spazmatic behavior.. he enjoyed slamming Emilie around on the wall that made too much noise

PSA: Make sure you’ve watched RM regularly before watching with commentary.. there are spoilers

Emilie was told to just attack n kiss Rob on beach… he was taken by surprise

Rob: When the poo has hit the fan…. <- I’m dying right now.. lmfao

Rob told Emilie to hit him harder when filming the break-up Ruby says the party was a fun scene to shoot..

Rob says the little girls’ energy is scary

Ruby said that she listened to music to get prepped for the haircut scene. She had to be fitted for various wigs

They’re discussing th paparazzi’s obnoxious behavior when they were filming the stoop scene.

They had to keep throwing the fire extingisher because it kept bouncing off the glass.

It took Rob a long time to get the hand puppet of the bird right on her back

Rob: It was so strange to see the scene you’ve filmed in context Rob defines the office scene as the point in the movie where Tyler is at peace Tears warning.. if typing gets a little funky, I apologize They had to research if flat screens were around in 2001 which they were but extemely costly Windowscene-
Rob: it was strange thinking about what was supposed to be
Emilie cried during the filming of that scene The rooftop scene with Emilie and Aidan was done in reshoots Rob was taken back by the exhaustion that Chris Cooper exhibited in the last scene.

Rob gushes about how fantasic an actress Lena Olin is.

Emilie says the train scene isnt sad but that she’s accepting what’s happened in her life and that she’s living for Tyler.

The credits are rolling and when Rob sees his name on the screen, he says “He did a great job.”

The film was dedicated to the victims of 9/11 They’re doing the sign off..

Rob thanks the audience for watching and hopes they enjoyed the movie

Source via ROBsessed... ...

trop trop hâte d'avoir ce Dvd entre mes petites mains... et surtout de le re re re... re voir....!!! :heart:

dimanche 13 juin 2010

Eclipse Press Con - L.A.
Rob's Itv...

Robert Pattinson Video Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

Q: What drives you to succeed?

Robert: Probably fear of failure and an inadequacy complex.

Q: This role is considered a romantic hero, but Edward is also very possessive. How do you think Edward has changed, throughout the films?

Robert: In the first two movies, he feels desolation from reality, so when he finds one thing to hold onto, that’s where the possessiveness comes from. I think, as the series goes on, he accepts more of the contemporary world. All the things that were deemed to be flawed before start fading away, and that’s how I’m trying to play him. He’s coming out of his shell a little bit in Eclipse, so hopefully, by the end of Breaking Dawn, he’ll be a normal 17-year-old guy, who’s just a little bit pale.

Q: What’s the one part of your costume that always transforms you into character?

Robert: Probably the contact lenses. They make me miserable, as soon as I put them in. That’s what creates the pouting and brooding character.

Q: Did you have to learn anything new for Eclipse?

Robert: I guess I had to learn how to run properly. In the last two, I ran in a limp slash-skip, and I had to look like I could run more solidly this time. So, I spent a lot of time on a giant treadmill, like one of those wheels mice run around on, and got filmed doing it to improve my form.

Q: Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone for the love of a woman?

Robert: Yeah, probably. But, I don’t know if it was about love. It was more pride.

Q: Have you ever competed for a woman with another guy, the way Edward does with Jacob?

Robert: Compete? No, I haven’t. I’m not good at doing it. I just leave it alone. And also, if you are the one with the girl in the first place, maybe you’re forced into fighting a little bit. But, I would never be in Jacob’s position. Then, you’re just the guy that broke up the couple.

Q: What was it like to work more closely with Taylor Lautner this time around?

Robert: Yeah, it was good because I never do anything with anyone, but Kristen, except for brief things. But, it’s about letting Edward have petty emotions, like being jealous of Jacob and not being able to control himself around him because he gets under his skin so much. It became much easier to play much bigger scopes of emotion, once you let someone else get through your armor. So, doing that with Taylor was great. He’s really good, too.

Q: Was there a scene in particular that you most enjoyed?

Robert: Some scenes, it was just quite cool to have him there. I like the scenes where Bella has to reveal something about herself in front of Jacob and me, at the same time. It’s an extra thing to relate to. Most of the time, it’s just with Bella and she’s trying to convey something to Edward, and Edward is being totally sympathetic to her seeing another guy and seeing it’s not just about their relationship, it’s about some other person. It made it a little more interesting.

Q: How was it to film the tent scene? Was it difficult not to crack up?

Robert: The first time we did that tent scene, I was really freaking out. I don’t know why. I think it had to do with claustrophobia because we were actually shooting in a tent. I just couldn’t get it together. I kept forgetting my lines, and I was so nervous. I just wanted to punch anyone who was near me. We did about three takes, and Kristen was supposed to be asleep on the floor, and she saw that I was freaking out. Half-way through the take, she suddenly opened her eyes and was just staring at me and kept trying to make me laugh, through the entire take. It’s the most serious scene in the whole movie. I just wanted to strangle her for the first two seconds, but then I could not stop laughing, the entire time. We got literally one take where it went right, and it was because of that. When I was trying to hold back, I guess it made me more alive or something.

Q: Do you believe in having a soul, like Edward does?

Robert: Yeah, definitely. I can’t remember who said it, but a soul and a heaven must exist because good people aren’t rewarded enough on Earth. I always liked that idea, if that makes sense.

Q: Since you’ve had a new director with each film, do you have to explain to each director about the character?

Robert: It’s interesting. With the first Twilight film, everyone had very specific ideas and everyone was butting heads the entire time. Then, when Chris Weitz came in for New Moon, he basically came in with the opinion that he liked the first one and he liked what the actors were doing, so he just followed along that road. Then, when David Slade came, he was like, “I want to do everything completely different and not like the first two.” So, we talked about the character development and consistency from the two, and he was like, “It doesn’t matter, let’s just do something completely different,” which is good because then it’s challenging. It’s easy to get stagnate, if you play the same character. In New Moon, I felt like I was going a little bit deeper. And then, with Eclipse, I felt like I was doing a completely different movie and a completely different character. So, yeah, it was nice and challenging.

Q: What was David’s biggest change?

Robert: I guess he was really fighting to make it not so solemn. In my eyes, Edward has been so calculated and everything is not rash, and David wanted to speed up the whole thing and make him more vulnerable.

Q: Jacob has that great line in the film about being hotter than Edward. How was it to film that scene? Were you upset Edward didn’t get a comeback to that? Would you like to address that issue right now?

Robert: There’s nothing you can say. “Yeah, you are!” “At least I’m not hotter than you!” I don’t know. Yeah, it was quite fun. There are quite a few lines in there. Jacob has quite a few catch phrase type of lines, with me especially. For some reason, I find it quite funny when I’m doing stuff with Taylor. There are a couple confrontational scenes, where I push him around a little bit, and I thought I’d really scare him and grab him, and it would freak him out and turn the whole scene upside down. Then, I grabbed his shoulder and it was too big to actually get a grip on, so I just dropped my hand. It was embarrassing. I got him badly, thought. He kept having to dress up in a little grey spandex wolf suit and try to be intimidating with Kristen patting him on the head. That was quite fun.

Q: Edward and Victoria have a really cool fight scene in this film. How much training did you and Bryce Dallas Howard have to go through, and what was it like having to fight a girl

Robert: Weirdly, one of the producers told me, “Wow you look so enthusiastic in that fight scene! Much more so than any other one in the series.” I did a bit of practice with Bryce. It’s really hard to do stuff with her because she’s the gentlest person and she’s always laughing when you do anything. And then, she’d be afraid of hurting me. Most of the vicious stuff I did was with a stunt double who was really, really tough. But, the bits with Bryce, we’re just rolling around and grabbing onto each other. It was fun.

Q: Are you afraid that everything else you do will be compared to Edward Cullen?

Robert: I’ve always been of the opinion that, if something explodes really quickly, it takes the same amount of time for people to think of something else. I don’t know. I hope not. Maybe it’ll be a good thing. I have no idea.

Q: Both you and Kristen are very serious actors. How do you guys prepare for your scenes together? Do you get together and go over them, or do you prefer to just get on set and see what happens?

Robert: For some reason, I can’t understand anything and I think I’m going really into the depth of the character, when it just seems so obvious to Kristen. Her mind works completely differently. She can just feel things immediately, and I like to be more cerebral about things, in completely the opposite way of Kristen. I don’t feel confident unless I know more about the reasons why I’m doing things. I don’t really do that for other parts. That’s what I do for Edward. But, since the first one, I always like to go in-depth about things.

Q: Do you understand the fantasy about you and Kristen being together, in real life?

Robert: Do I understand the fantasy of it? No, not really. Well, I guess people like stories. My basic conclusion is that they just want everything to be about Twilight.

Q: Do you ever check any of the fansites?

Robert: It’s incredible the information they get so quickly. Sometimes, I’ll check them to see what my schedule is, especially on the weekend when I can’t get through to my agency. It’s strange being in Twilight because so much of the fan base is being on the Internet and having a community with each other. You see people turn up on sets of other movies I’ve done, to take a picture. It’s strange.

Q: What would you say to someone who is wondering whether or not they should go see this movie?

Robert: I don’t know what to say to people. It’s become so big. It’s become part of the cultural environment. For the first and second one, I knew exactly what to say to people. If you don’t know what the story is by now, then you’ve probably never been to the cinema before. How about, “Why not go to the cinema for once?” I don’t know. If you’re a fan of it, there’s a lot of things that plays into what the fans of the series want. If you’ve never seen them before, a lot of people who have seen it tell me that it’s the most accessible of the three. It’s a solid story, by itself, and it’s more of a sort of action film. When I was watching Twilight the other day, I realized that you do need to read the book to get it.

Q: You were on the first soundtrack. Would you contribute again to the soundtracks for any more of the movies?

Robert: I’ve done a couple of things. I’ve always just been playing around. It was nice to be involved in the first one. I just saw Twilight on TV, for the first time, a few days ago, and, when my song came on, I was just thinking that is so bazaar that I actually had a song in the movie. I’m amazed Catherine [Hardwicke] did it. It really shows how none of us thought it was going to be so massive. I never thought people would buy the soundtrack. So, it’s a little more nerve-wracking now. I don’t know. Maybe.

Q: What do you think Edward’s evolution is in Breaking Dawn?

Robert: I haven’t read it yet. I’m starting it a month after the job I’m doing now, and I haven’t read it yet. I didn’t intend to not read it until now. It’s quite exciting. I have no idea. I just heard brief rumors about what happens in the story, but I don’t really know what happens at all.

Q: How are you going to go about getting your long hair back for Breaking Dawn?

Robert: I’m thinking maybe Edward got a haircut. That might be easier. But, yeah, I didn’t even think about that, when I got it cut. That is a bit silly. Vampires can cut their hair. I like the idea of Edward having a shaved head in the last film. That’s pretty cool.

Q: How long have you known Breaking Dawn was going to be two films?

Robert: I found out about Breaking Dawn when the press release came out.

Q: Have you met with Bill Condon yet?

Robert: I met him briefly, a few weeks ago, kind of by accident, just before the MTV Awards, in a bar. He seemed great. He seemed like a really, really nice guy. I haven’t talked to him, in detail, about anything. But, Gods and Monsters is an amazing movie. I think it’s going to be good. I don’t even know where they’re going to shoot it yet, or anything.

Q: Can you talk about your upcoming projects and who you play in those films?

Robert: Bel Ami is about a character, Georges Duroy, who is a broke ex-soldier in Paris, in 1890. Basically, he has no drive. He is just jealous of everything. I quite liked the story. Kids nowadays feel entitled. People want to go into a job, but don’t want entry level. They want $100,000 a year, out of the gate. That’s exactly what this guy is like. He’s completely talentless. The only thing he does is that, by accident, he finds this guy he’s in the army with, in a brothel, and this other guy wants to impress him, so he gives him some money and invites him around. It ends up being like he invited the devil into his house. He seduces his wife, he seduces his wife’s friends and, every single influential woman he can get, he has an affair with. He ends up screwing over society and making millions and millions of francs. It was a really fun, completely amoral, evil character. It’s a story about how the shits can completely win sometimes, by doing absolutely nothing.

Water for Elephants is a story about a guy in 1931 whose parents both died in a car crash. When he’s at university studying science, he jumps on a train out of desperation to find something else, and ends up being on this circus train and falling in love with the star attraction, who also is the wife of the ringmaster. All this chaos ensues after that.

Unbound Captives is a romantic drama/western, and my character is the son of Rachel Weisz. He gets kidnapped by Comanche’s when he’s four, and is raised by them. My mother spent 15 years trying to find me, and I come back and can’t speak English anymore, and I can’t recognize her and she can’t recognize me. I come back and look like a Comanche, and I have massive ADD as well. It’s about learning how to live in a new environment again.

Thanks to Collider for video and transcript
source: RPL...  of course... ^_^
Eclipse Press Junket...
E!Online with Ben Lyons...

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Eclipse TwiCon...L.A
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