dimanche 10 août 2014

*NEW FAN PICS* of Robert Pattinson... from "The Rover" Q&A "Meet The Filmmakers"... At the London Apple Store...

and from the "BFI Event"...

a huge thanks to all these lucky fans, for sharing their awesome pics...!

from klrsnapsphotography

 photo 9-2.jpg

 photo 7-2.jpg

 photo 2-2.jpg

 photo 3-2.jpg

 photo 6-2.jpg

 photo 5-2.jpg

from (Tumblr:divinecorner (Valentina - Francine67))

 photo 2-4.jpg

 photo 4-4.jpg

 photo 3-3.jpg

 photo 5-4.jpg

 photo 6-3.jpg

 photo 1-4.jpg

 photo 1-2.jpg

 photo 13-2.jpg

 photo 11-4.jpg

 photo 12-3.jpg

from @Lillred)

 photo Lillred2.jpg

  photo Lillred20.jpg

 photo Lillred5.jpg

 photo Lillred6.jpg

 photo Lillred8.jpg

 photo Lillred9.jpg

 photo Lillred10.jpg

 photo Lillred11.jpg

 photo Lillred12.jpg

 photo Lillred13.jpg

 photo Lillred14.jpg

 photo Lillred15.jpg

 photo Lillred16.jpg

 photo Lillred17.jpg

 photo Lillred18.jpg

 photo Lillred19.jpg

 photo 44.jpg

 photo 40.jpg

 photo 39.jpg

 photo 33.jpg 

 photo 29-1.jpg

 photo 28-1.jpg

 photo 30-1.jpg

from ink361: laurab_lb

 photo 33.jpg

from ink361: staceyw1989

 photo 4ade7a3d-7c63-45ca-ad9a-b77217da2e55.jpg

 photo 35.jpg 

 photo 34.jpg

 photo 10584634_313256658835352_2128069905_n.jpg

 photo 10560927_549767468483792_1818285480_n.jpg

 photo 10597366_245559728987770_2058748690_n.jpg

 photo 10540504_552932518140428_1473407580_n.jpg

source: ToR and RPL

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