lundi 11 août 2014

*NEW INTERVIEW* of Robert Pattinson with "MTV uk"... for "The Rover" London Press Junket...

The Rover star, who previously said Geordie Shore was "one of the greatest" TV shows ever, has confessed he'd love a night out with Charlotte, Vicky, Gaz and the gang.

Speaking exclusively to MTV News, the actor revealed: "I love Geordie Shore!
"They're all so happy all the time. I'd actually want to hang out with them." 
Whether R-Pattz has got what it takes to survive the Toon is debatable, but the megastar also had some sweet words to say about our loveable bunch of Geordies. 
"With most of those reality shows it's like watching a bunch of people who are just desperate fame whores, and those guys just look like they'd just be doing the same thing anyway!" he explained. "They're really genuine."

Pattinson's co-star Guy Pearce seemed a bit bemused by the whole thing, to be honest, but was up for the craic.

"Love Charlotte and her bed wetting," he said. "Let's all go hang out with them."
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