vendredi 15 août 2014

*NEW PICS* of Robert Pattinson and Eddie Redmayne at the HFPA Grant Banquet...

accepting Grant on behalf of American Film Institute...
14th August 2014...

 photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-7.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-93.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-82.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-81.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-72.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-91.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-7.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-93.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-82.jpg
 photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-81.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-72.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE081414-91.jpg

source: RPL

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