vendredi 8 août 2014

*GIFS* Robert Pattinson on "Capital FM Breakfast"... "The Rover" London promo....

His reaction to his karaoke with Katy Perry...
No matter what... I just love him....!!  photo heartbeat-1.gif

from Tumblr: itsallonrob
Robert Pattinson’s reaction to his karaoke video with Katy Perry [x]
 photo 1-8.gif  photo 2-9.gif
 photo 3-8.gif  photo 4-8.gif

from Tumblr: akssy

 photo 11-2.gif  photo 22-2.gif

from Tumblr: clivehandrob
Rob's reaction to watching the karaoke video of himself and Katy Perry
 photo 111.gif 
 photo 222.gif 
 photo 333.gif

and JUST in case you forgot/never saw it (or even if you just want to watch it again) that awesome video....
here you are... Enjoy...!  photo flowerdanceplz.gif 

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