lundi 26 août 2013

Beautiful *EDITS* of Robert Pattinson last pics for #DiorRob....

As usual... amazing artists, on Tumblr....

from Tumblr: robertpattinson

 photo tumblr_ms51dfdE0z1qjqtn9o3_500.png 

 photo tumblr_ms51dfdE0z1qjqtn9o1_500.png 

 photo tumblr_ms51dfdE0z1qjqtn9o2_500.png

from Tumblr: inrobwelust
Rob and Camille for Dior Homme 
 photo tumblr_ms4u24okEO1qetn6to1_500.jpg

from Tumblr: vanelandia

 photo tumblr_ms4oysPaCI1qdrrc1o1_500.png

 photo tumblr_ms4oysPaCI1qdrrc1o2_500.png

from Tumblr: creationsbyjules

 photo tumblr_ms3e093F191qdely0o1_500.png

from Tumblr: feistyangel34

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