jeudi 22 août 2013

Beautiful *EDITS* of Robert Pattinson... and the last released #DiorRob pics...

Because I love edits...!!

from Tumblr: vanelandia
"Before I didn’t like appearing like I had a big ego, now I do. Now I have a big ego (laughs). I will never again pretend to be humble (uses evil voice).”
 photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o9_250.png  photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o8_250.png  photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o4_250.png

 photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o1_250.png  photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o2_250.gif  photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o5_250.png
 photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o3_250.png  photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o7_250.png  photo tumblr_mry5kfAg2r1qdrrc1o6_250.png

from Tumblr: robseve

 photo tumblr_mrybjuLQgT1r5nuw7o1_500.jpg

from Tumblr: candykizzes24

 photo tumblr_mry699tqLc1qc2hv6o1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mry699tqLc1qc2hv6o2_500.jpg

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