mardi 27 août 2013

"Maps to the Stars" prod. lights up the "Hollywood" sign for filming..!

Enough rare to talk about...

 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-08-30agrave120815.png

from @tylershields

 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-08-30agrave123123.png

from Instagram: thetylershields

 photo hollywoodsign-tylershields.png

from @TheLAScene
 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-08-30agrave121553.png
 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-08-30agrave121603.png

from @TheRossKing

 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-08-30agrave120930.png

It's rather fun, because if you goggled "Hollywood sign light up".... there's lots of "mystery" around it (and mystery solved lol) ... and what is more funny is to read the speculation about it... going from a "publicity" to "the end of the world"....


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