samedi 8 septembre 2012

Robert Pattinson... at Stand Up 2 Cancer...


Rob was a surprise guest at Stand Up 2 Cancer tonight (Cancer Telethon) ...

“This is what happens when you support this movement. Every cent goes to the kind of research that’s finding real breakthroughs in changing the lives of patients and their families right now. So please call 18889078263 and help us accelerate new treatments. Working with the Cancer Research Institute, we have the opportunity to advance immune-based approaches to fighting this disease. This is about everyone joining together, advancing a cause so that patients like David can start dreaming big dreams again.” 
Robert Pattinson @ Stand Up 2 Cancer

from @SU2C 
you can donate ☛  StandUp2cancer
or by phone ☛  1-888-90-STAND

source: @Korita05 via RPL and ROBsessed
youtube: twitvid via @veronicaspuffy

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