samedi 8 septembre 2012

Metric (singer Emily Haines) about Robert Pattinson...


from The Olathe News
Q. How did you wind up working on "Cosmopolis"?A. When Howard Shore asked us to write the theme to the "Twilight" movie with him, we always hoped that would mean we could do something more substantial in the future. So when we got the call it was like, "Yes! A Cronenberg movie." We were able to work in our own studio, and Howard would send us stuff. He still works mostly with pencil and paper, which was interesting. He would send us scores, and we would perform them, and we would send him some ideas we had, and he would integrate them. 
I just went to the premiere in New York, and yeah, it was a nice thrill to have Cronenberg shake your hand and say, "Job well done." Robert (Pattinson), Howard and I had a funny conversation about the fact that the two movie projects we've been involved in both starred Robert. So I'm part of the six degrees of Robert Pattinson.

source: The Olathe News via RPattz daily

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