dimanche 30 septembre 2012

Final "Breaking Dawn, part 2" poster to be unveiled... Tuesday...


from Hypable
Summit has announced that the final Breaking Dawn – Part 2 poster, which is said to be a poster like we haven’t seen before, will arrive Tuesday.
The studio will be unveiling it in an interesting way. 
Six portions will be revealed at dawn in particular time zones across the world beginning Tuesday at 8 AM New Zealand time on FB: TwilightMovie. The complete reveal schedule is as follows:
  • MONDAY, 1:00 PM PT (heure française: lundi 22h)
         Section #1 revealed at FB:TwilightMovie
  • MONDAY, 5:00 PM PT (heure française: mardi 2heure du matin)
          Section #2 revealed at FB: NewMoon
  • MONDAY, 9:00 PM PT (heure française: 6heures du matin)
         Section #3 revealed at FB: Eclipse
  • TUESDAY, 1:00 AM PT (heure française: 10heures)
          Section #4 revealed at FB: BreakingDawn
  • TUESDAY, 5:00 AM PT (heure française: 14heures)
         Section #5 revealed at FB: EdwardCullen, FB: BellaSwanFB: JacobBlack
  • TUESDAY, 9:00 AM PT (et enfin heure française: 18heures)
          Full, final poster revealed at FB:Twilight
et pour faire beauuuucoup plus clair, merci à FB: Another Twilight Blog

source: Hypable via ToR

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