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*AUDIO* Preview of Robert Pattinson's itv from the NEW Twilight Interview Compilation eBook...


we already talk about Rob's new itv. HERE ...
from the 'Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner – In their Own Words' eBook.

now, we have a bit of the audio itv... 

1)Are you afraid that everything else you do will be compared to Edward Cullen?Robert Pattinson: I’m not sure. I’ve always been of the opinion that if something explodes really quickly, it takes the same amount of time for people to think of something else. I mean, I don’t know. I hope not. Maybe it’ll be a good thing…I have no idea. 
2)What’s the one part of your costume that always transforms you into character?Robert Pattinson: Probably the contact lenses because it makes me miserable as soon as I put them in. That’s what creates sort of the pouting and brooding character. You’re just like, ‘Ugh.’ 
3) What drives you to succeed?Robert Pattinson: I guess probably fear of failure and an inadequacy complex, and I just drive rental cars. I drive different things. I don’t have a car. 
4) There are so many fan sites not just for you, but for Edward. Do you check any of those fansites out? 
Robert Pattinson: It’s kind of incredible the information they get so quickly. Sometimes I’ll check them to see what my schedule is on stuff, like on weekends when I can’t get through to my agency. They know way better, or even to see my emails sometimes!
5) Talk about the past year or so of your life. The sudden celebrity. The paparazzi. How are you dealing with things, and do you find yourself more comfortable with it all now? 
Robert Pattinson: I guess it’s inevitable that you become more comfortable. You still fight against some things. There’s nothing really scary about the franchise itself. I like all the people I work with. I generally have very few disagreements about the script or anything while we’re doing it, especially on New Moon. It just seemed so relaxed and easy. 
6) What about in a fight between you and Taylor Lautner?Robert Pattinson: I don’t know. I did hear, the other day, that Taylor had agreed to an interview where the interviewer was going to fight him. And, after looking at Taylor’s martial arts videos from when he was like nine, I wouldn’t really want to do anything. Maybe if I had some kind of weapon. 
7)Love plays such a major part of these films, and so many fans want what happens on the screen to happen in your real life. How do you separate falling in love in real life with the women that you’re cast opposite?
You’ve always got to remember that you’re being paid. There’s a lot of connotations that come with that. That’s one of the major separations.

source: RPL via TBB
youtube: LutzBonePatStewFB
transcript: theebookpeople

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