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*STICKY POST* Robert Pattinson at the "Australians in Film Awards & Benefit Dinner 2013"...

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Tonight is the Australians in Film Awards & Benefit Dinner 2013 ...
  • Where...
Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles, Ca - Grand Salon Ballroom
2151 Avenue of the Stars - Los Angeles, 90067
  • When... 
Thursday, 24th Oct. 2013, staring at 6:30pm till 10:00pm
  • What...
The Awards presented at the 2nd Annual Australians in Film Awards will include the Breakthrough Awards for up-and-coming talent, Fox Studios Australia Orry-Kelly International Award and the AusFilm International Award
And Rob is attending it, with David Michôd...
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will be updated...!!

Pics in HQ...

On stage...! 

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 photo pattinsonlife-7-2.jpg    photo pattinsonlife-7-1.jpg 

at the dinner...

 photo pattinsonlife-91.jpg

 photo pattinsonlife-2-2.jpg   photo pattinsonlife-2-1.jpg
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with Isla Fisher

from Instagram: famousweekly

#RPatz laughing about how Isla Fisher used up his joke at the @Australiansinfilm awards...hilarious!! #visitCA #famousdoescali JP
via Ten News

Fans pics (LQ)...

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from @GDAYUSAofficial

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source: @kristymeudell - @spunk_ransom - ToR
source twipics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 via RPL
youtube: Cdl ROB-Sessions - Mel452

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