mercredi 23 octobre 2013

*NEW* Pics of Robert Pattinson.... at the '"Seduced and abandoned' Screening" in LA...

at Clarity Theater last night ... 22d Oct. 2013...

 photo pattinsonlife21.jpg

 photo pattinsonlife9-1.jpg  photo pattinsonlife10-1.jpg  photo pattinsonlife8-1.jpg
 photo pattinsonlife21.jpg  photo pattinsonlife1.jpg
 photo pattinsonlife7-1.jpg  photo pattinsonlife6-1.jpg
 photo pattinsonlife5-1.jpg  photo pattinsonlife4-1.jpg

from IMDb: Seduced And Abandoned
SEDUCED AND ABANDONED combines acting legend Alec Baldwin with director James Toback as they lead us on a troublesome and often hilarious journey of raising financing for their next feature film. Moving from director to financier to star actor, the two players provide us with a unique look behind the curtain at the world's biggest and most glamourous film festival, shining a light on the bitter-sweet relationship filmmakers have with Cannes and the film business. Featuring insights from directors Martin Scorsese, 'Bernando Bertolucci' and Roman Polanski; actors Ryan Gosling and Jessica Chastain and a host of film distribution luminaries. Written by Anonymous
You can see there is also Rob's friend and Director Nicholas Jarecki next to him in the photos...
AND I love to see that huge and happy smile on Rob's face... around friends and pple belonging to the industry (like the Director of the film)

source: RPL

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