vendredi 25 octobre 2013

*PRESS* Robert Pattinson says he was happier when "unemployed and unsuccessful"... at the "Australians in Films Awards" Gala....


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from  CelebrityFix
While presenting an award at the Australian's in Film Awards in LA today, Robert Pattinson dropped a bit of a bomb… it's hard for him to make friends! Aww bless him. 
"It's always easier to make friends and be happier when you're unemployed and unsuccessful like I was in London when I first started," he said. "LA is extremely cut throat.
But don't worry guys, our reporter on the scene spotted the Twilight star and he looked as cheery as ever... enjoying several glasses of vino before he got up on stage. And there was us thinking he'd been warned about his recent partying! 
In fact, coming straight from LA, we can report that R-Pattz is looking happier than ever... even gossiping backstage with Isla Fisher. Yeah we spotted you two. 
Other celebs seen wandering the floor at the awards included Alex O'Loughlin, Isla Fisher and Delta Goodrem.

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