jeudi 24 janvier 2013

Robert Pattinson... so sweet with his fans...

But, hey... did you have any doubt about it...??!

from EOnline
Robert Pattinson is so charming, all he needs to do is show up these days to get his fans’ seal of approval. 
But being super-nice obviously helps! 
“Wasn’t expecting him to be so sweet,” Tara Oberti of Adelaide happily told E! News of her encounter last week with the Twilight star at the airport in the South Australian capital, where she and some pals had gathered to await Pattinson’s arrival. He’s in town to shoot The Rover with Guy Pearce. 
“He was just, like, ‘Thank you guys so much for coming and waiting for me, it means a lot,’” Oberti recalled. “Then his manager or whatever he was thanked us girls, too, and then we were walking off. I [told R.Pattz], ‘Enjoy your time in Adelaide’ and he thanked me again.” 
But the fun didn’t end there: Oberti said that she and her mates also saw Pattinson later that night at a local pub—and he totally gave them a grin of recognition! 
“It was a small, grungy type of pub,” she described the place, “dark inside, loud and busy, but real chilled out with acoustic guitars and all that.” (No photos from the pub encounter, alas, but from what we’ve heard Rob say about making music like a normal bloke in his garage, it sounds like his kind of bar, don’t you think?) 
Taylah Cailes, another one of lucky ladies who shared a camera click with R.Pattz at the airport (both she and Oberti shared their spoils on Twitter), told E! News that her group was waiting near a “secret door” at the airport from which they’ve also seen Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Zac Efron emerge from at times. 
“He was walking with his manager and one security guard,” Cailes recalled. “He looked like a completely normal person. He had a guitar with him as well. I was the first to spot him walk out and I froze and was sort of speechless and pointing at him. He saw me and he had the cutest smirk on his face!” 
“We asked nicely if we could get a picture with him,” she said. “He said he was in a rush and asked if it was okay if we got a group photo and made sure that we knew each other, and we said, ‘Yes,’ took our photo and then he said, ‘Thank you,’ to us, smiling, and got in his car.” 
Can someone say gentleman? 
Sounds like Pattinson just can’t help but make devoted friends everywhere he goes.

source: EOnline via Spunk Ransom

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