vendredi 25 janvier 2013

[PRESS SCAN] Screen Magazine (Japan)


Cronenberg: There are actors who wishes to stay on the safe side and do rather conservative movies, but if you are a serious actor you want to try the edgy side. In this movie you will find Rob standing at the edge. 
Rob: I was almost all the time in the limo all by myself and David stays outside of the car. It was a bit odd at the beginning but you can’t rely on someone else about acting. And David is very sensitive about the actors trying to do; looked like he was looking for a something interesting out of it. I felt very comfortable about it. 
Rob: Other casts come and visit the limo and do the uncomfortable act right in front of me siting very comfortable. It was like watching their acting plan in the way, I liked it very much!

Source: Robert Pattinson Press Japan / @3737mina37 / PattyStewBoneCity via ToR

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