dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Golden Globes 2013... The Fashion Court's wish list for... for Robert Pattinson...

GG 2011

from The Fashion Court:
When it comes to Robert Pattinson, I feel like that man hasn’t met a color he didn’t like. Two years ago he attended the ceremony in a dark navy Gucci suit, and if he doesn’t repeat that exact shade again this year, I’m hoping for petrol blue, deep violet, dark chocolate brown or for him to add some dangerous elegance to an all-black tuxedo with leather lapels or a garnet red tie. Although it’s easy to predict that he will wear Gucci again - a fashion house that he’s stayed pretty dedicated to over the years - with rumors swirling that he’s inked a deal with Dior, Rob could be changing his designer tune tomorrow.
GG 2011

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