mercredi 22 août 2012

The Hollywood Reporter about Robert Pattinson... AND publicists...

"Publicists Battle to Rep Robert Pattinson"... 
Ha ha ha... I was sure about that... and of course they would...!

Ok... does he really need one... Honeslty...
he's doing perfectly fine, with Nick, Stephanie (and Dean) near by him...
with a publicist, not sure we will still have our real Rob... and I love the way he is... (perhaps I'm a bit selfish here... but, will that help him...?? not sure either...)

from THR
After the cuckolded star told Jon Stewart his “biggest problem in life” was not hiring a publicist, firms like 42 West and Sunshine Sachs came calling — quickly. 
It was an innocent joke: “My biggest problem in life is, I’m cheap and I didn’t hire a publicist,” Robert Pattinson told Jon Stewart Aug. 13 on The Daily Show while promoting Cosmopolis amid the Kristen Stewart cheating hoopla. 
Sources tell THR the comment set off a mini-frenzy among top Hollywood publicity shops, many of which were salivating at the prospect that Pattinson — who for years has gone without a personal PR rep — might finally take one on. 
The Twilight star’s manager, Nick Frenkel, is said to have been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from firms including 42West, Sunshine Sachs and others seeking meetings to pitch press strategies for the 26-year-old star (and offering to slash fees). 
Frenkel declines comment, but one source says Pattinson still has no desire to add a publicist to his team. Notes one veteran rep: “He’s actually doing really well on his own.”

Team Rob...!!

source: Source via Spunk Ransom

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