mardi 14 août 2012

Robert Pattinson's itv with "Access Hollywood"... for "Comopolis"...


from Access Hollywood
A smartly dressed Robert Pattinson stepped out in New York City on Monday evening, for the premiere of his new film, “Cosmopolis,” marking the star’s first public event since news of Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal broke.
But despite the recent headlines, Robert was focused on his film — and his fans.
Hitting the red carpet, the actor expressed remorse over not being able to take care of his fans’ red carpet wishes – an autograph from their “Twilight” hunk. 
“Every time I’ve done [a premiere] in New York it’s pretty crazy, but there’s absolutely no way to sign anything,” he laughed while chatting with Access Hollywood on the “Cosmopolis” red carpet. “That’s the only problem.” 
Dozens of fans held up signs of support for Rob as he hit his premiere, after an appearance on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” and the actor was thankful for their support.
“It’s great,” he said of the fan reaction and support. “It’s wonderful.” 
Robert is proud of his new film, and he said shooting most of his scenes in a limo actually provided some comfort. 
“It makes it easier… I was extremely nervous at the beginning. It’s a complicated script, so just having anything where you can have some kind of security, some kind of stability in it, just made it more comfortable for me, especially the caliber of actors and stuff,” Robert told Access. “People way more experienced than me — as long as I had my limo and I had the same seat, it was just a lot easier.” 
According to fans who attended “The Daily Show” taping, Jon presented Robert with a bowl of ice cream and discussed his own previous romantic lows.

source: Access Hollywood via Rob Pattz News

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