dimanche 26 août 2012

Justin Stephenson "Cosmopolis" 's Opening & Closing Credits designer shares...


Justin Stephenson created the art for the film...
and he recently shared them on his Vimeo account ... Go and have a look (or watch it again if you already saw it on the "big screen")

who is he...?
Justin Stephenson is a moving image designer and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. 
Justin is currently designing, co-producing and co-directing the animated children's series, Story Explorers for TVO Kids. It is based on the the story telling workshops run by Story Planet, a charity organization that teaches kids literacy through story telling. He is also finishing a film based on the work of Canadian poet bpNichol. The film is a visual exploration of Nichol's work and forms the basis of his graduate degree in Communications and Cultural Studies at York/Ryerson Universities which was defended and in April of 2012. 
Justin recently finished designing and animating (through Cuppa Coffee Animation) the credit sequence for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. This marks the second collaboration with Mr. Cronenberg and his team, having designed and animated the credits for A Dangerous Method.

source: RobPattzNews

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