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Robert Pattinson's itv with "MTV"... 13th August...

Robert Pattinson is just a pawn...!

Joshua Horowitz with Rob on the red carpet at the Cosmopolis NY Premiere.

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Josh Horowitz: How are you, Rob?
Robert Pattinson: How you doin’? 
JH: Good to see you.
RP: You look skinny. 
JH: Oh, you always say that. That’s why I love you.
RP: [Laughs] 
JH: It’s not the acting, it’s not the film, it’s ’cause you say I’m skinny. Thank you, Rob. Not true, but congratulations on the film, man. So, I mean, for this film you don’t have an elephant, you don’t have Reese Witherspoon, you don’t have the Twilight cast to lean on. It’s all on you, man. No pressure.
RP: Well it’s on David. I keep trying to say it’s his movie. It’s not my movie. I’m just a pawn in it. [Laughs] So yeah. It was kind of scary in the beginning, but it was also kind a good, but no one else had too big a part. So I didn’t have too many… [Laughs] I got sort of confident that I had many chances to redeem myself throughout the movie. 
JH: Are you anxious and excited to see the American audience receive this and see what, you know, they haven’t seen you in this capacity before, to see you in a context like this?
RP: Yeah, I think the sort of cultural relevance to being in Twilight and stuff… I was always afraid of it before, like kind of an overwhemling movie, but I think it kind of makes it more interesting ’cause it creates a lens to look good. So I don’t know, maybe it’d be cool.

from MTV
It's been a long time coming, but we are finally going to see Robert Pattinson tackle his most adult and challenging role yet in David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis." 
Based on Don DeLillo's novel of the same name, the action-packed thriller and #1 most-anticipated movie in our MTV Movie Brawl follows a day in the life of young billionaire financier Eric Packer (Pattinson) in the not-too-distant future as he's chauffeured through Manhattan on his way to get a haircut and his world is falling apart around him.
When MTV News caught up with Pattinson at the film's New York premiere Monday (August 13), we asked how he felt about the pressure of carrying the film in the lead role.
"It's on David!" Pattinson said, putting all the credit (and blame) with his director. "I keep trying to say, 'It's his movie, it's not my movie. I'm just a pawn in it!' It was kind of scary at the beginning. It was also good that no one had too big a part so I couldn't be too confident," he joked, trying to undersell his performance and significant amount of screen time. "But I had many chances to redeem myself throughout the movie." 
Speaking to expected comparisons between his work in the very adult and heady "Cosmopolis" versus his career-igniting role in the "Twilight" franchise, Pattinson said he hopes his latest movie helps inspire artistic discussions about both films. 
"I think the sort of cultural relevance of being in 'Twilight' and coming through that, I was always afraid of it before, like being in an overwhelming movie, but I think it makes it more interesting and sort of creates a lens to look at it," he said. "Maybe it will be cool." 
"Cosmopolis" also stars Juliette Binoche, Sarah Gadon, Mathieu Amalric, Jay Baruchel, Kevin Durand, K'Naan, Emily Hampshire, Samantha Morton and Paul Giamatti and opens everywhere Friday.

source:  MTV via ROBsessed

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