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*REVIEWS* on "Cosmopolis" and Robert Pattinson...


once again... thanks to ROBsessed, who compiled them...

from The West Australiaexcerpt
Many critics have criticised Cronenberg for replicating almost scene for scene DeLillo's slender novel, right down to the highly mannered ideas-encrusted dialogue which is delivered without passion or spontaneity. One reviewer even complained the film lacked "heart".
But this is the very subject of the movie - the replacement of heart and soul and all the human stuff by the brutal logic of "cyber-capitalism", in which the fate of nations is now determined by the movement of numbers.
None of this quite emerges as forcefully and frighteningly as it does in the book but it's hard to imagine an actor better in the role of Eric than Pattinson, who brings snap and intelligence to DeLillo's death-haunted dialogue (Cronenberg has even suggested Eric is actually dead) at the same time as suggesting the man he once was.
If you thought his Edward Cullen was a cold bloodsucking parasite wait until you get a load of his Eric Packer.
from Filmosphere (4 out of 5 stars)
Et au delà de seconds rôles assez géniaux, comme des petites parties d’un monde déjà enseveli, tout le film est porté par la révélation d’un Robert Pattinson impérial, qui se révèle capable de soutenir un film aussi fort sur ses jeunes épaules. Il est bluffant, et confirme que certains talents ne peuvent se révéler qu’au contact de grands metteurs en scène.
(And beyond supporting roles pretty awesome, as small parts of a world already buried, while the film is carried by the revelation of an imperial Robert Pattinson, who proved capable of supporting a film as hard on his young shoulders. It is astonishing, and confirmed that some talents can prove that in contact with great directors.)

from House of Paradoxexcerpt
There are plenty of close-ups of Robert Pattinson and he's in every scene, his character is tough, cold hearted and calculating - kind of a passive aggressive, financial vampire and he plays it extremely well. Pattinson is clearly trying to round out the scripts he chooses and building a nice portfolio of work.

from QuickFlix
Pattinson, like Jeff Goldblum, and James Woods, and Viggo Mortensen before him, has one of those perfect Cronenbergian faces. It’s as if he’s been moulded – shark-like, from the eyes to the jowls – to become the ultimate receptacle for the movie’s message.

Indiewire named Cosmopolis #1 on their 12 films to see this August list. Also commented that Cosmopolis is "much more thought provoking star-powered cinematic option than almost anything else this summer."

from Crikey (AU)excerpt 
The film is destined to be derided and misunderstood, and, deliciously, to thrust stray tweens into an idiot wind of confusion when it is realised that the prime-cut of Robert Pattinson’s surface values can’t possibly appease them. Not this time. Whether Cosmopolis was financed partly because of his involvement, or whether Cronenberg believed he was the best man for the job, or both, few can say. But yes: the Twilight smirk-maker is very good in a role that plays to his strengths.

from Empire Online (AU)excerpt
Frustrations but not catastrophes, praise must go to Pattinson’s terrific performance. A magnetic, mesmerising anti-presence, the perfect redeployment of the pin-up cheekbones of the R-Pattz myth. As the camera gazes deeper into his frozen face, we detect a concerto of tiny twitches, lurking smirks and trickles of sweat — micro-fluctuations in the sanity of a man who has everything.

source: ROBsessed

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