jeudi 12 avril 2012

Robert Pattinson... #2 on The Sunday Times Rich List 2012 (U.K)

from TheHollywoodReporter
LONDON - Actors, such as Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson, musicians, led by Adele, and models dominate the Young Rich List of British millionaires age 30 and under that "The Sunday Times" is scheduled to publish later this month.
Its Rich List 2012, set to come out on April 29, includes 60 young millionaires along with the 1,000 richest people in Britain and the 250 richest in Ireland, the paper said.
Outside of sports, which has its own Times rich list in May, more than half of the wealthiest young people in the U.K. are entertainers, according to the paper. (...)
Twilight star Robert Pattinson saw a bigger $12.7 million gain in his net worth over the past year, but comes in second with $63.6 million (£40m) ....
Daniel Radcliffe is once again number 1...
you can read the whole article HERE

source: THR via ROBsessed

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