mercredi 11 avril 2012

2 *NEW* Bel Ami scene... with Robert Pattinson...


Forestier: Duroy
Forestier: M. Rousset. Do you remember Georges Duroy? Diary of a cavalry officer?
Rousset: And that was a succes. Write another and put him on the payroll, Forestier.
Forestier: Will do, sir.
You will earn five francs for the next five. Then two hundred a month. Plus ten cents per line, for all the items that you will published. Go talk to the cashier. What’s wrong? Can’t believe your luck?

Rousset: Overthrow this government with a single word. I want that word on the first page of every newspaper. I want it all over the walls and shop windows. I want men, women and children to know that this government lives in a lie. Forestier unearthed something.George: How did you say?Rousset: What?Georges: You called me Forestier.Rousset: Ah, force of habit, but I didn’t want to offend you, it’s easy to make this error.Georges: I don’t understand.Madeleine: You have more control of troop movements. The logistics.Rousset: Right. La Roche, you can help.La Roche: I know two officers who are, sympathetic to our cause.Rousset: Well talk about it then. La Roche will tell you what to write.

source: Robert Thomas Pattinson Italian Fanclub / RPL via ToR
youtube: AntesterCullen831

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