mardi 17 juin 2014

*STILLS* Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce on the "Good Morning America" Tv show... to promote "The Rover"...

17th June 2014...
New York....

 photo rplife2.jpg

 photo rplife10.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE0617142.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE0617144.jpg

 photo PATTINSONLIFE0617141.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE0617145.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE0617146.jpg
 photo PATTINSONLIFE0617142.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE0617143.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE0617144.jpg
 photo rplife12.jpg  photo rplife13.jpg  photo rplife3.jpg
 photo rplife1.jpg  photo rplife2.jpg  photo rplife11.jpg
 photo rplife4.jpg  photo rplife10.jpg  photo PATTINSONLIFE0617141.jpg

source: RPL

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