samedi 7 juin 2014

*GIFS* of Robert Pattinson, and Guy Pearce... at "The Rover" Sidney Film Festival 2014...


from Tumblr: itsallonrob

 photo tumblr_n6t0dziNuj1s0aqxio3_250.gif  photo tumblr_n6t0dziNuj1s0aqxio8_r2_250.gif
 photo tumblr_n6t0dziNuj1s0aqxio7_r1_250.gif  photo tumblr_n6t0dziNuj1s0aqxio2_r1_250.gif
 photo tumblr_n6t0dziNuj1s0aqxio4_r1_250.gif  photo tumblr_n6t0dziNuj1s0aqxio1_250.gif
Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce being so cute during The Rover Premiere in Sydney (June, 7)

from Tumblr: robwife

 photo tumblr_n6svnv1XpL1s1rviio3_400.gif  photo tumblr_n6svnv1XpL1s1rviio4_400.gif
 photo tumblr_n6svnv1XpL1s1rviio1_400.gif  photo tumblr_n6svnv1XpL1s1rviio2_400.gif
Rob embarrassed by Guy’ s comments on his heartbreaking performance
from Tumblr: robwife

 photo tumblr_n6svakTjGg1s1rviio1_400.gif
ROb having fun with Guy

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