jeudi 19 juin 2014

New *PORTRAIT* of Robert Pattinson... from "The Rover" Press Conf. .. Los Angeles....


 photo Portraittagged6.jpg  photo Portraittagged4.jpg

 photo Portraittagged3.jpg

 photo Portraittagged.jpg  photo Portraittagged2.jpg

 photo edit.gif ...

some of them have been untagged and enhanced..... thanks to @FeistyAngel34

 photo RobEditedFeistyAngel34-4.jpg

 photo RobEditedFeistyAngel34-2.jpg

 photo RobEditedFeistyAngel34-3.jpg

 photo RobEditedFeistyAngel34-1.jpg

source: @KStewsRing via LSR

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