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- Q&A Inside "The Rover" - *TWEETS* and details... during the Sydney Film Festival 2014...


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  • @Drawde_C: Someone asked how he would fare in a world like in The Rover. R said badly
  • @Drawde_C: His favourite scene was the one before they go into the house towards the end. (Trying not to spoil)
  • @ksupporting: He was talking how the audience in Cannes it was so quiet during the movie whereas people from last night were laughing at Rey's scenes
  • @Drawde_C: R said everyone looked like murderers because it was so hot and dry where they filmed.
  • @Drawde_C: When asked what's harder, wordy films or films with little dialogue & more body language, R and GP both said it depends on the film itself.
  • @Drawde_C: About accents, R still finds doing English accents weird. It's as if he's still waiting for filming to start.
  • @Drawde_C: They kept getting large prickles stuck in their shoes during one of the scenes. GP said they were more like thorns. After each take they'd compare how many prickles they each got in their shoes.
  • @Drawde_C: When GP was talking about the power shift between dogs in a pack, he said, "anyone who has dogs will know this" R smiled and nodded.
  • @Drawde_C: Asked about his creative group of friends, he said he still has that in London but it's a little looser now. That kind of bond was what drew him to Blue Tongue films.
  • @Drawde_C: What he loved about the script was the enormous backstory with no context, so he had free reign over the part.
  • @Drawde_C: It was cute when he was talking about the difference in audience reaction between SydFilmFest and Cannes. He got confused about what day it was and had to ask DM, "It was last night, right?"

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