vendredi 25 mai 2012

*VIDEO* Interview of Robert Pattinson, with France3 ...


(found on ROBsessed ...)

Rob: I remember the first conversation we had was on the phone cause I had to wait a week before I said yes 'cause I was, I didn't ... Normally you have to ... actors are good at bullshitting, no matter what the script is, you've got something to say about it. You even have to admit if you hate it but you have something to say. And with this one, I just couldn't ... I was like, I know there was ... I know it's about something but I don't know what it was about. But David just said, you know, he doesn't know what it was about either but there's just something interesting there.

Rob: I guess slightly more obscure things. I mean especially with the fact that this one had a strange script already and it's in competition in Cannes. There's no logic to the world.
David: There is none.

Rob: What I liked about it in the first place was the cadence of the lyricism of the writing. I think that's what I enjoyed playing about it 'cause you couldn't really approach it like a normal part, it was like, you're approaching it like it was a song or something.

Rob: It was one of the strangest things when we were shooting, we had one scene by the train station, the first shot of the movie, and we've been inside the limo during the whole shoot and suddenly I have to get out and there was like ... Twilight fans and stuff and I was .. I've never been more nervous in my entire life. That was ... it was terrifying.

source: ROBsessed

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