vendredi 25 mai 2012

*VIDEO* Interview de Robert Pattinson, sur France 2...

love his small "merci" at the really end of the interview...

(found on ROBsessed ...)
Good evening, Robert Pattinson. Thank you for being here with us.Rob: Good evening, thanks for having me.

Firstly, one question. You'll understand, in every interview, David Cronenberg calls you Bob Pattinson. Should we call you Robert or Bob?Rob: I haven't heard him say that. Yeah, maybe I should start going by Bob this year. I'm Bob in Cannes.

If you had to describe the movie with one term: shocking, violent or really so close to reality?Rob: yeah, I wouldn't say it's close to reality. I think if there's one word, it would probably be 'strange'. It's a pretty odd movie.

One word about this car. what does she represent, this bunker where the hero pretty much isolates himself from the world that surrounds him?Rob: Completely, it's his office, he's created a world for himself. He's kind of insulating himself from every aspect of life and anyone that comes into his world, has to behave like him, they have to speak his language. It's not even conventional English he speaks in that. Everything in control of his environment is totally
And it's strange, it's so small in there, it's very ..... to the whole movie. It's pretty much in the limo, the whole movie, it gives you this feeling of claustrophobia.

Eric Packer, this young golden boy that you portray, is in search of emotions. He always needs more, after the money, after the sex, he's sated of everything and death becomes a challenge. Is that it or not at all?Rob: Yeah, I think he has quite a strange idea about dying tho. I don't think he feels, ..., I don't think it's a conventional idea of death. Death is just .. He's such an egomaniac that death is purely a choice for him, there's no such thing as fate. So, it's not like he's trying to kill himself, it's just what he wants to do.

Does it feel good to break away from the image? Is that what cinema is about, to change your mask?Rob: Yeah! I mean, it's strange for me 'cause I don't really know who I am in reality and so getting to do movies is when you can explore certain ideas, when you have a feeling that you probably had your whole life and trying to figure out something about yourself. I's an arrogant reason for acting. But, yeah, it's definitely changing masks. It's especially after having done .. I'm known for a series, which a lot of people known me for the Twilight movies and this is radically different which is interesting.

Robert Pattinson did you take up French?Rob: I'm terrible. I learned French in school and I always think I could speak French but I don't think anyone actually understands what I'm saying.

source: Le RPattz Club via FB: I'm ROBSESSED ! ! !

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