lundi 21 mai 2012

*VIDEO* France 2, Télé Matin... sur Cosmopolis...

émission du 21 mai 2012...

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She’s talking about Cosmopolis, a film which is highly expected. It’s from David Cronenberg. The film is awesome and it’s impossible to explain the book’s storyline. It’s just art. She can say exactly what it’s about.
She finally said that it’s set in New York and we have future and past moments. It’s about a golden boy’s fall out and he’s foreseeing his own murder. It’s very confusing. The trailer is so gorgeous she absolutely wanted to talk about it. There’s a lot of stars in it and there’s the gorgeous and charming Robert Pattinson. He’s from the Twilight Saga.
What’s surprising is the rating of the film because there’s a lot of sex in it.

source: Telematin.france2
translation: Le RPattz Club via ROBsessed

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