mardi 15 mai 2012

Robert Pattinson (and Kristen Stewart) on M6 (12h45)... about Cannes...

Today....Reportage sur le Festival de Cannes

A really 'american' 65th edition of Cannes this year: Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman on the red carpet for two roles or the most awaited Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. A couple in real life but in competition against each other at Cannes. Both actors are competing for the Palme but not for the same movie.
Kristen: "I mean a little healthy competition doesn't hurt. And if there should be only one left, it'll be us! No, I'm just kidding."
there was also once again, a report on the tonight TVnews... but smaller...

source: Twilight.4ever via TFB: Twilight 4ever
youtube: JessyCullenSwan
translation: ROBsessed

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