dimanche 20 mai 2012

*REVIEWS* "Alt Film Guide" on Cosmopolis and Robert Pattinson...


from Alt Film Guide:

An early Cosmopolis review has come out via Studio Ciné Live‘s Fabrice Leclerc. Directed by the iconoclastic David Cronenberg, who adapted Don DeLillo’s novel, and starring Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis is definitely one of the most eagerly anticipated films at the Cannes Film Festival 2012.

The headline of Leclerc’s brief, three-star (out of five) Cosmopolis review reads: "A Cronenberg as brilliant as he is taut." Leclerc then begins his review by explaining that Cronenberg and DeLillo are "manufacturers of fantastic, unhealthy, and at times somber environments, of the science of language, and of totally chaotic characters. And of controversy as well."
Referring to Cosmopolis as a "ghostly and hypnotic" tale, Leclerc adds that Cronenberg had adapted to the letter DeLillo’s "ultrarich prose, filming with an incredible inventiveness this stifling and disturbing airtight environment."

As for Robert Pattinson, Leclerc says he’s "impeccable" until Cosmopolis‘ last segment, when, "lost in a verbal torrent," Pattinson "seems, all of a sudden, to be no longer in control."

Leclerc wraps up his review with the following: "As always with Cronenberg, there are no half-measures, no second gateway, no escape. Cosmopolis is to be experienced in full or not at all. Take it or leave it."

source: Alt Film Guide via ROBsessed

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