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[PRESS SCAN] Vanity Fair (Italy) - Mai 2012




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Have you any idea why David Cronenberg chose you?Honestly, no. But I have never asked: I am just glad he did.
What do you think you have in common with Eric Packer?Whoever has read the book or the movie will see what I'm about to say will seem strange. But I see in Packer a person, in fact, have within themselves a glimmer of hope. Although not seen from outside. A bit 'like me.
Too cynical?I think so, but perhaps the reality is that they are naive.
Packer and a man who in seconds can gain or lose mountains of money. To quote a recent statement: "I do not like spending money if you had a free ride home would be fantastic." Was he joking?No, why? Spending other people's money I do not mind at all.
You do not say that and mean.If I want something, I prefer rather than buying it for someone else to give.
You and British actor Daniel Radcliffe after paid the most, what do you do with all that money, if you do not spend it? Invest it?Apart from that I'm not sure really be paid more seconds - and I admit that I'd be - I must confess that I do not know anything about investments. I'd rather keep the money under the mattress.
You're generous, at least?I think so.
Even with your girlfriend?I hope so. But she should confirm.
Packer practically lives inside his limousines makes us even install a toilet. He, who is always traveling for work, does not feel the need to settle down somewhere?Traveling, constantly changing country, and among the things I love most about my job. I understand the advantage of having a permanent home, but I get bored quickly.
Are you young to take root?To stop permanently, yes
Where do you see yourself in ten years?I hope I can still do a creative job, and be happy. Seem platitudes, but they are honest: I know I'm privileged.
In Cosmopolis sex scenes are quite explicit: was it embarrassing?More than anything I was nervous for the actresses. When a man gets undressed he feels maybe stupid, but he's basically having fun. I think for a woman is something different, more problematic.
In real life, are you more sweet or passionate?Passionate, I hope.
Christina Ricci, his partner in Bel Ami, said that he kisses well. What is the most beautiful compliment you have received from a woman?The most beautiful thing a woman can tell you is that she loves you.
Then, after all, he's a sentimentalist.Well, yes.
Cannes and in competition - with none other than On The Road, the film version of Kerouac's masterpiece - even his girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Who deserves to win, Bella or Edward?The best, of course.
One of your best friends, the British actor Tom Sturridge, is expecting a child with sienna miller. Do you want to become a father?Of course. I do not know just yet, but surely.
Have you already made ​​plans with Kristen?Not yet. We have not planned anything.
Do you feel ready to go live with her?(Hum, to mask the embarrassment) I'm ready for anything.
Often you live far away on business. Do you believe in long distance relationships?I really think so.
You've always played dramatic characters: would you not like to try something funny?But it's very hard to find good scripts. Above all, and difficult to make people laugh. And that's one of the things that frighten most actors.
What would you be doing if you had not become an actor?As a child I would have said: a pianist. But I think I would have written. I write a lot, whenever I can.
DeLillo has known?At Cannes, an emotion. Cosmopolis, an extraordinary novel, I read it during filming, but I had read several other books.
Do you read a lot?A lot.
His favorite bookDubliners by James Joyce
How do you find the people of Los Angeles now and the city?It took me a bit 'to make me like it, but I'm taking to los angeles I'm good, especially because there is the ocean. But I misses London, I realize now that I'm back
Queen Elizabeth celebrates sixty years of his reign. subject to what she likes about her?Intelligence. I think she's very intelligent.
And the Middleton sisters, do you prefer Kate or Pippa?Who do you Italians prefer?
Kate probably
So I prefer Kate
Do you think that after Cosmopolis, you will be able to permanently get rid of Edward Cullen?I just know that people fail to see this and other films that light, without being too influenced by twilight.
Johnny Depp, Tim Burton who wanted in the dark shadows of the vampire, said to be "more male" among vampires in circulation. no objection?
Nothing: he indeed and very male.
Tell the truth: do you miss twilight?I finished shooting the last scenes a couple of weeks ago, so it's still too soon. In few years, maybe. maybe.

source: ROBsessed
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