dimanche 13 mai 2012

The London Evening Standard: "Yes we Cannes" ...

British talent takes a starring role...!

Robert Pattinson, probably the most famous cutie on the planet thanks to the Twilight vampire franchise, is about to become noteworthy in an entirely new way thanks to Cronenberg’s Palme d’Or contender. An adaptation of Don DeLillo’s dystopian novel, this entry from the Canadian auteur sees Pattinson as a bored, petulant, limousine-loving billionaire, gliding through Manhattan in search of kicks and a haircut. Sex. Violence. Horror (the rat is a unit of currency in this un-brave new world). If Pattinson can hold his own alongside edgy talents like Samantha Morton, he’ll not only impress art-house audiences but prove that his charisma has real bite.
you can read the whole article => HERE

source: The London Evening Standard via ToR

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