mardi 1 mai 2012

Linda Lauren about Robert Pattinson’s hand-writing...

Photobucket Just because I found this sweet and funny... 
whether you believe it... or not...! 

Who knew an autographed menu by Robert Pattinson could reveal SO much about his future! Rob’s written words definitely reveal that he wants kids one day, but is on the brink of something big with his career that will affect his relationship! Read on for ALL the details!
Robert Pattinson is headed towards some serious life changes — regarding his love life and career, according to his hand-writing.
“This is the hand-writing of someone who is very scattered right now. But he is scattered with excitement. His ego is big right now. He is feeling positive and energetic,” says Linda Lauren, a fourth generation psychic medium, who also does psychic profiling based on a person’s hand-writing.
“It looks as though there will be some sort of an agreement that makes him closer to coming to a commitment stage in his relationship where you have to make a decision. I’m not seeing them [Rob & Kristen Stewart] married. Right now, his writing says everything is about his career at the moment, but he wants kids. The little curly ‘q’ at end of his signature says he looks forward to multiplying himself,” Linda tells exclusively.
Oh la la! We would love to see little Robstens, but it will be some time before that actually happens, according to Linda.
“Right now everything will lead him to movie projects. There’s something very big for him coming. It will be a regular gig. So the relationship will be tested as a result, but not in a bad way,” Linda says.
Well, we definitely can’t wait to see what’s in store for Rob! And we know whatever it is — his relationship with K-Stew will stay strong.

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