mercredi 16 mai 2012

Juliette Binoche... about Robert Pattinson and "Cosmopolis"...

with Io Donna (Italy)...!

rough translation via google...
I’m 41 years and I understand what is the problem, says her/his character in the film. Life is too contemporary.
Don DeLillo’s writing – and the film is very faithful to the novel – it was for me the extraordinary discovery of a universe.
A cold world, without humanity. That forces us to face the nightmare of desire, anxiety to possess everything, the obsession to win, to climb higher up, looking for a “more” is not there.
Although his character is very contemporary, mixing sex and business, and perhaps no longer believe in anything, not even art. What effect did it?
Didi Fincher is a lost woman, just like Eric Packer is lost. It’s just one person, its apparent weight is actually a hiding place where reigns anxiety. Cosmopolis speaks of our need to procure money, sex, power and mix everything. A very dangerous game.
Io Donna: Robert Pattinson, who is the lead in Cosmopolis, is a global icon, a living image of beauty and youth. A perfect choice.
Juliette: I met Robert for the first time on set. I must admit that I had not seen his films. And I found in him a fierce passion for cinema, he knows the cinema much better than me. It was lovely and fun to work with him, he’s a man who’s very ambitious to produce and direct his films one day.

source: PellicoleRovinate  / @catrux / RPL

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