lundi 19 mai 2014

*VIDEO* of "Maps to the Stars" Cannes 2014 Press Conf.. ... with Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg and cast...

19th May...

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Press Conference Transcript
  • Cronenberg: Wonderful actors make directing a movie easier. 
  • Rob is always excited working with David. Said yes before reading the script. He likes being part of David’s world he feels at home. 
  • They’re talking about how the movie is funny. 
  • They’re asking rob about his Limo sex scene’s in Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars. 
  • Rob said Julianne and Juliette where both great. 
  • Rob is rating the sex scenes lol “They’re both like 7″ and jokes that Julianne was better than Juliette. 
  • Asked of Wagner: Do you think the cult of celebrity is same, or has it become more so in our modern times, media. 
  • Julianne Moore: I love the movie business. I am not here to disparage it. 
  • Question for rob. To give message about the movie to Japanese fans. 
  • LOL Poor Rob is asking for advice 
  • They should go watch the movie a lot of times in the cinema. It gets better every time.

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