mercredi 28 mai 2014

*NEW PHOTOSHOOT* of Robert Pattinson for "The Hollywood Reporter"... June 2014...

 photo zen.gif ...

 photo thrrob9.jpg

 photo thrrob6.jpg

 photo thrrob5.jpg

 photo thrrob7.jpg

 photo thrrob8.jpg

 photo thrrob1.jpg

 photo thrrob2.jpg

 photo thrrob4.jpg

 photo thrrob3.jpg

and to have them in HQ, open it on another window... 

 photo thrrob9.jpg  photo thrrob6.jpg  photo thrrob5.jpg
 photo thrrob7.jpg  photo thrrob8.jpg  photo thrrob1.jpg
 photo thrrob2.jpg  photo thrrob4.jpg  photo thrrob3.jpg

source: RPL

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