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*UPDATE* about "The Childhood of a Leader" and "The Lost City of Z"... with Robert Pattinson...

Rob's future movie projects....

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from Deadline
Brady Corbet is the director of "The Childhood of a Leader"

Binoche also stars in Corbet’s "The Childhood Of A Leader" in late fall with Robert Pattinson and Tim Roth. For Sils Maria, his interaction with the actress created “this kind of meta thing that Olivier appreciates,” he says of his friend.
The WME-repeed Corbet tells me Childhood Of A Leader is about a little boy who relocates to France with his family in 1919. His father is a political advisor to Woodrow Wilson about seven months in the run up to the Treaty of Versailles. He calls it, “My version of a horror film. Instead of being possessed by a demon, the little boy is possessed by notions of the era.”

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from Craveonline
James Gray is the director of  "The Lost City of Z"
The Lost City of Z (a period adventure film, concerning British surveyors looking for a city in the jungles of Brazil; Z was set up to be made with Brad Pitt back in 2004) appears to be ready to film (with Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Pattinson). Do you have a start date?
We’ll begin filming in January. I’m going to start prepping in September. It’s a very elaborate film and requires extensive prep. We’re going to shoot in two different countries. It’s going to be a very challenging, but hopefully rewarding shoot. 
You’ve been close to making Z a few times, what type of film can we expect? Has it changed in scope over the past decade?I want to ask the same question with each film, which is: what does it mean to be a human being? The Lost City of Z is almost set on two different planets – the jungle and Victorian England. What does it mean to be a civilized person? This to me is a profound question. What is progress? Is progress just economic growth? Or is it understanding what’s around us? Is it growth of emotional intelligence or GDP growth? How do we contemplate new and old ideas of humanity? That to me is what Z is about. 

source: RPL

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